Your Mind Might Not Be Blown, But You Gotta Admit It's Interesting AF Anyway

Uncategory Sep 12, 2018 10:00

Taking our jobs, one by one.

The soft-serve vending machine

Very rare, but blue lobsters do exist.

One in a million blue lobster

Who knew there was a right and wrong way to use a katana?

Kendo Master (the last one in this gif) demonstrates how useless a katana could be without the right skill and experience on how to use it

An initiative to help North Koreans.

Absolutely wild.

Good to know!

As long as it works!

Mechanical binary counter.

Truly inspiring.

Girl With Muscular Dystrophy Makes Amazing Paintings

Genuinely good to know!

More work goes into candy than you'd think.

Making an Akita dog candy

I know where I'm retiring!

Apartments with sprawling shared pool

The very first customer complaint.


It's better with the lights off

That's a mirror, not a painting.

The world's smallest computer next to a grain of rice.

Technology is amazing.

C-130 specially modified to land in a stadium and rescue hostages in Iran in 1980

So smooth.

Professional photo shoot indeed.

Cool AF.

Japanese pen draws circuits with conductive ink

Hella spooky.

When hail fucks up your sunroof.

A captain and his ship.

Not a fan of tricksy caterpillars...

It’s a Snek-a-Pillar

New friends!

Diver becomes God to crustaceans.

Daaaaamn at the resolution...!

Gigapixel image of Dubai

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