You Ever Just Take A Look Around You And Wonder ‘WTF Are These Fools Doing??’

Uncategory May 02, 2018 09:00

Dude is still failing his driving test to this very day.

Guy Climbs Out Of A Moving Truck Onto A Slide, Slides Down, Then Climbs Back Into The Drivers Seat

"I just need something with a hitch that I can use to tow. What am I towing? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS."

Not his brightest idea.

Safety first, Always wear a welding cap.

Casually playing with snakes in the park.

Who knew we had flying cars already?


It hurts even to just watch.

WTF do people think will actually happen with these cliff jumps?

Dust fires are not to be trifled with.

It was just a dust fire


When in doubt, assume you can't make it.

Guy thought he could make it


How does that even happen?

Yup, that's a gas leak.

Ruptured gas line causes home to explode


Only in my good ol' country Romania

And here we have the mighty coach bus, stalking its prey...

Barely alive

I like giant cats as much as the next guy but this is a little too close for comfort.

Do you want to feed like this

Why can't we have fun death traps like this in the US?

Scientists discover new form of limitless renewable energy

Russian house cat.

Going out for a walk in mother Russia

Hope he's good at holding his breath...

Avoid murky water

Seems like the opposite of what you'd want, but who am I to judge?

In Russia... Water Drinks You

Dude's got ups.

Trust jump


Care for a hand?

Wait for it...

Making the landing

Popcorn anyone?

Tank of corn collapses and starts fire

How do you let yourself get this bad?

Water and oil are not friends.

Remember kids, never pour water on a grease fire or have children

Just another casual day at Walmart.

No title.... hahahahahahahaa

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