World's most expensive cat breeds

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Cats are the most popular animals in the list of people around the world. The expensive cat breeds are always the search trends of people with special interests with cats and high incomes.

While dogs are best known for their diversity, cats also have dozens of different breeds, many of which have their own unique physical characteristics. These little differences make some people spend thousands of dollars on a purebred cat.

5. The Sphynx – $1200

Worlds most expensive cat breeds
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The Sphynx cat is a breed that the breeder began to grow in the years 1960 and in the next decade, the inclusion of the two non-fur breeds of North America in the breeding pool led to the same as today. The most distinctive feature of Sphynx is hairdressing, although it has a smooth coat of skin. The skin is soft to the touch and the color that their coat will have if they have fur, including any signs. They also have distinctive facial features, including wedge-shaped head, prominent cheekbones, large ears, round belly, large footpads, thin tails, and a vested body. The breed is intelligent, emotional, curious and energetic.

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4. Scottish Fold Cats – $1500

Worlds most expensive cat breeds
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They were all able to trace the traces of their ancestors to a barn cat named Susie, who folded his ears and worked as a servant.

These cats are sensitive, emotional, and active. They like to play and not the best cats to leave their homes alone. They like a companion who is even another cat to keep them into the company. If you can give the Scottish Fold the attention they aspire to and keep up with their needs, they can be the new furry family member you are looking for.

3. Russian Blue Cat – $1700

Worlds most expensive cat breeds
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With a triangular head, the blue of Russia is a long and slender cat. She has a good bone with big ears, wide forehead and straight nose, making her the most false-crowned animal. Russian blues are known for a natural "smile". In addition to the luxury silver jacket, her most prominent feature is the brilliant green eyes.

Although slender, Russian blue is strong and muscular, although her thick plumage often conceals her neck and shoulders, giving the impression that her frame is stronger. Long legs allowed her to run at high speeds.

2. The Bengal – $5000

Worlds most expensive cat breeds
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Bengal is such a naughty, active and one of the largest breed of cat which makes you happy. Their spotted and marbled colors coat shine in sunlight which is their main identification. They love the people company and try to do anything to grow their owner attention. Bengal cats are very playful but become bored to play in the same toy. They raise their vocal when they need anything. One funny fact of this cat is they love water and want to share bath tab with their owner. This naughty and curious Bengal is very expensive cat. Their Average Price is between $1,000–$25,000 but this price depend on their size, quality and breeder.

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1. The Ashera – $125,000

Worlds most expensive cat breeds
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The hybrid cat breed was allegedly a cross between the African serval, the Asian leopard cat, and a domestic housecat. The truth though — discovered with the aid of DNA testing — was that the “Ashera” cats were simply Savannah cats which were bought from a different breeder and then resold.

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