Women Who Spend Time With Friends Are Healthier

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Do you always put off time with friends because of work, school, family or other commitments? While it seems like it may be helping your to-do list, it’s probably not doing any favors for your health or well being. Research shows that you may actually be doing harm to your health by not spending time with friends. While this applies to everyone, it is particularly true if you are a woman.

It turns out that time with friends helps women to heal faster and live healthier, both emotionally and physically.

Is it time to call a few friends and have a night out? It’s not just for fun. Science says it’s necessary!

Women Who Spend Time With Friends Are Healthier
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The Science Behind Why We Need Time with Friends

Research has found that, because of hormones such as oxytocin, woman respond differently to stress than men do:

“Females create, maintain, and utilize social groups, especially relations with other females, to manage stressful conditions.”

Other researchers worded it a little differently:

“The dynamics of women’s befriending suggest an evolutionary elaboration of the mechanisms that support reciprocal altruism.”

Wait, what did that last thing just say?

It means that instead of running from stress, we use our relationships with friends as a way to manage everything that life throws at us, and in turn they come to us when they need emotional support as well.

Women Who Spend Time With Friends Are Healthier

It makes sense. Who do you talk to about something that’s irritating you or even if your day has just gone incredibly badly? It’s almost always a friend. We’re healthy for each other!

Having friends even helps to lower our blood pressure. It’s good to have someone you can vent to, in more ways than one. Now, that’s a doctor-approved reason to spend the day with a friend or group of friends.

Women Who Spend Time With Friends Are Healthier
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It’s Not Just the Little Things

According to one paper, scientists have noticed that recent widows with friends to lean on are significantly more likely to make it through their grief without developing any new health conditions or losing their vitality.

Our friends really can be there for us when we need them most, and it makes a big difference.

Even in day to day life, they help us to live longer and healthier lives. Having friends improves our chances for enjoying our later years to the fullest rather than just dragging through them. Our friendships add life to our years.

Women Who Spend Time With Friends Are Healthier
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So, the next time you decide to put friends on the back burner because little stuff in life needs to be caught up on, remember that there are things that are more important than a pile of laundry that hasn’t been put away or getting overtime in at work.

Consider meeting a friend for lunch during your break from work or putting off chores to go out and do something together. If it’s children that are taking up all your schedule, think about making it a play-date so the kids can develop solid lifelong friendships as well while you catch up with your own friends.

Women Who Spend Time With Friends Are Healthier
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Making Plans

One study found that eating together helps improve our social lives, connection with our community, and levels of happiness. We even laugh and reminisce more over food, so make sure to include meal plans when you’re deciding on what to do together.

Even if you won’t be eating, spending time with friends will still benefit your health, so be sure to make plans with the friends in your life.

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