Woman Says Cheating On Her Husband Has Saved Her 10-Year Marriage

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If cheating on your husband is necessary to stay together, should you have gotten married in the first place? And even if it’s improving your marriage, don’t you think your husband would want to know that you're cheating? Those are the two questions you’ll have for “Layla,” an anonymous woman from Canberra who’s been married to her husband for ten years.

“My husband is amazing,” she told Daily Mail. “We have a young family, we both work in busy professional roles and we spend as much time together as we can.”

Woman Says Cheating On Her Husband Has Saved Her 10-Year Marriage

While things may seem hunky-dory on the surface, Layla and her husband are facing a problem that many long-term couples have: lack of intimacy. According to Layla her husband is no longer interested in boinking her, and even though she's tried to rebuild that part of her marriage “it simply didn’t work.”

“While I was happily married I was lonely, really lonely,” Layla explains. It wasn’t long before she turned to the website Ashley Madison, which is a little shocking as the affair-oriented website recently came under fire for faking its female users…but if you’re a woman looking for a man, I’d imagine it’s something like walking into an all-you-can-eat- hot dog buffet. “I met a few really lovely people and went on coffee dates and drink dates which I enjoyed,” Layla continues, “but I just wanted to find one person I connected with.”

Woman Says Cheating On Her Husband Has Saved Her 10-Year Marriage

Cheating as a way of making yourself happy

Layla eventually met “Jamie” in March, and says that “I felt really comfortable around him the first time we met and we soon organized to see each other again. He is in a similar situation to me so in some ways it makes it much easier if we can’t see each other or have to cancel at the last minute.”

Jamie and Layla reportedly “plan secret meetings” with each other almost every week as well as “speak throughout the day,” which Layla says has revived her marriage. “We are in contact a few times a day and our catch-ups range from coffee dates and quick lunches to spending a few hours together when we have time.

Meeting Jamie has taken a huge pressure off my marriage and I no longer feel that resentment for the lack of intimacy at home. I can simply just enjoy my time with my husband and our marriage in every other way has never been better. I am so much happier.”

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