Woman Goes On Rant About How Her Personal Life In In Shambles During Town Zoning Meeting

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The problem with the Internet is that while it’s given everybody a voice, it’s given everybody a voice. Some people just shouldn’t talk. In the olden days it was easy to ignore everybody who wasn’t worth listening to, but now that we’ve got comment sections and blogs and whatever-the-fuck else, everybody and their grandma seems to feel that they’re entitled to voice their opinion.

But occasionally, occasionally – the Internet leaks into the real world, and we get this elderly woman at a town zoning meeting who gets up and starts ranting about her personal life.

Woman Goes On Rant During Town Zoning Meeting

Btw, this was at a zoning meeting for Portillos in Davenport, Iowa. pic.twitter.com/9yYbvcZyr8

— Collin Strajack (@collinstrajack) July 10, 2018

Woman Goes On Rant During Town Zoning Meeting: Where Am I?

Poor woman just moved to Davenport and her divorce isn’t final until September 18th. She has no money, no husband, her lawyer won’t help her and she is also “not quite sure why I’m here or what I’m doing.” Yeah no shit lady – you belong at a Cracker Barrel talking to the stuffed animals they sell in the corner of the gift shop, not interrupting this super-important zoning meeting for the city of Davenport. But it looks like the people behind her are enjoying her spiel, so by all means lady – carry on.

But the best part of this video? When the dude running the meeting asks if she has any thoughts on the rezoning for Portillos, and she immediately launches into how she doesn’t like Facebook. She also doesn’t like the Internet, which is ironic because she’s about to become famous on it.

And they say old people belong in homes – pffft!

[H/T Barstool]

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