Woman Gets $20K Butt Implants So Big She’s Afraid They’ll Explode If She Sits

Articles Mar 09, 2018 09:15

People with fake butts never cease to amaze me. Fake boobs are one thing since you can’t just GROW giant titties overnight, but when it comes to your butt you have two options:

1. Spend upwards of $20,000 and get stuck with a few months of recovery 2. Get a gym membership and drop that ass to grass

One would require most people to take a second mortgage out on their house, the other costs $30 a month and you might break a sweat. But why exert any effort whatsoever when you can just throw money at people to get your way? That’s apparently how self-confessed plastic surgery addict Star Delgiudice (doing her dandiest not to become a stripper like her parents intended with a name like that) goes through life, as she shelled out $20,000 for butt implants that she now fears will explode on her.

[youtube id="op2XuNGLN60"]

“I gained three stone and they transferred the fat onto my hips and my bum. I did want implants as well but I didn’t realize they’d be that big,” she explains. “I decided to put weight on myself and watched a few people having Brazilian butt lifts. It’s a dangerous new craze, I didn’t realize the dangers and the risk.”

As you can see in the video, Star’s butt looks like it’s trying to run away from her legs; no one is going to look at that butt, look at how skinny-fat Star is (skinny-fat is where you’re not actually fat, but you have zero muscle tone) and believe it’s even the slightest bit real. It’s like when a fast food restaurant labels something as “FRESH” and you’re like “Uh yeah okay whatever just give me a large combo with a Diet Coke on the side and we can both keep pretending we’re not self-loathing pieces of shit for being here.”

As for what Star thinks of her butt, it could be better. “Sideways it’s just very pointy. It looks good through clothes but when I’ve got a bikini on it just looks crazy.” Sadly for us, Star’s Instagram is private so I can’t stalk through her account for ridiculous booty photos – but at the 10-second mark in this video she throws on a thong and shows off what $20K will get your butt in the UK:

[youtube id="j7BJRUaHlY4"]

Not even close to being worth the money.

Surprisingly, Star now says she’s done with plastic surgery, though that’s what they ALL say and then the next time their name is in the headlines it’s because they’ve gone from real-life Muppet to literal dumpster fire of body parts. Ever heard of Jocelyn Wildenstein?

[youtube id="g2j9qpo9lZw"]

Woman is an actual horror movie walking around like she’s a human.

Quit while you’re ahead, Star.

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