Woman Falls In Love With ‘The Devil’s Bridge’ And Decides To Marry It

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It’s weird who you end up falling for, with the age-old saying ‘opposites attract’ often ringing bizarrely true.

One woman from Australia has clearly taken this philosophy to heart, falling head over heels with a 14th century stone bridge in the south of France.

Experimental musician Jodi Rose, from Sydney, was so enamored with this ‘strong and sturdy’ bridge that she decided to tie the knot in a ‘fairy-tale’ wedding ceremony.

Woman Falls In Love With ‘The Devil’s Bridge’ And Decides To Marry It

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Jodi encountered the bridge – named Le Pont du Diable or ‘The Devil’s Bridge’ – while travelling around the world recording a music project. Even though he was over 600 years old, she knew he was the one for her, saying ‘I do’ in 2013.

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The wedding ceremony was attended by 14 guests, and even had the blessing of the mayor of the neighbouring town of Saint-Jean-de-Fos.

She said at the time on her blog:

He gives me a safe haven, brings me back to ground myself and then lets me go again to follow my own path without trying to keep me tied down or in thrall to his needs or desires.

I am devoted to him.

He understands that I love other bridges – and men – ours is a love that embraces the vagaries of life, as materialised in the swirling currents of the river that flows beneath his magnificent body.

The Devil’s Bridge is everything I could desire in a husband – sturdy, trustworthy, sensual, kind and handsome.

Jodi wore a traditional white wedding dress, and even exchanged rings with her new husband. Although Le Pont du Diable had no finger as such to place the ring on, Jodi was able to wedge a custom-made wedding band on the stone structure.

Woman Falls In Love With ‘The Devil’s Bridge’ And Decides To Marry It

Jodi Rose/Facebook

Appearing recently on Australia’s 7News current affairs programme, Sunday Night, Jodi opened up about her unusual nuptials, which she described as ‘beautiful’.

Jodi told Sunday Night how she got the jitters on her wedding day, just like any other blushing bride-to-be:

It felt beautiful, I was really quite nervous… I felt like a bride. I got to have my princess wedding day.

She added:

I put a ring on it, baby… I mean you’ve seen him, he’s very handsome, he’s strong and sturdy and I thought, yes, this is someone I can really connect with, and who I feel can give me some grounding.

Woman Falls In Love With ‘The Devil’s Bridge’ And Decides To Marry It

Jodi Rose/Facebook

Jodi is one of many people in the world who feel a physical and romantic attraction to inanimate objects, an attraction know as object sexuality or objectophilia.

Although a little tricky to get your head around, she has advised others to be more open-minded and accepting of other people’s sexuality, telling Sunday Night:

I feel like everyone has something, some sort of passion that lights a spark in them, that makes you feel more alive.

There’s someone for everyone. Or maybe even a few someones. Or some bridges. Or chandeliers. Or pool toys. Something, someone for everyone. It just proves that there is no limit to love and to the way you can feel love, experience love and express love.

Absolutely fair enough. Here’s wishing Jodi and her husband many happy years of one-sided conversation together!

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