Woman Claims Her 34JJ Boobs Are Too Big To Fit Onto London’s Subway During Rush Hour

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The obvious solution here is for Nadia Sofia Nahir to stop riding the subway, but I understand that’s not a reasonable request for everybody; some people can’t afford other methods of transportation. Clearly Nadia can’t afford to take anything other than the subway because she’s sank all her money right into her chest. Not quite the same, but either way I’d get mighty pissed if I’m jammed into a crowded subway car and see this…   …taking up three more square feet of space than she should. If your ass or titties take up too much space on public transportation you should have to pay double, the same as how “large” people on airplanes have to buy two seats. It’s literally physics; two objects can’t occupy the same space, so get the fuck off the train and let two chicks with A-cups ride instead.

Alas, Nadia Sofia Nahir doesn’t seem to care about how inconvenient her ridiculous-looking rack is, as the 24-year-old has already had 1,100 ml added to her chest and plans on getting even more in her quest to look like a “modern goddess.”

“I know that I stand out from a lot of people,” Nadia says as she explains the obvious to anyone who has eyes, “especially in London, which can be difficult. But I love the enhanced fake, feminine shape. Standing out is a good thing, I want to look like a modern goddess, like Kim Kardashian for example.”

Woman Claims Her 34JJ Boobs Are Too Big To Fit Onto London’s Subway During Rush Hour

Ok Nadia, but Kim Kardashian pays out the asshole for all her cosmetic surgeries and procedures – you’re probably going down to the town clinic and getting the daily special, which is why she looks more “goddess” and you’re more “godawful.” And I feel bad saying Nadia looks like butthole after shelling out all that money in the hopes of looking better, but jeez… r/hotgirlsinbikinis …nothing about that looks even remotely real. It’s like seeing Goofy at Disney World when you’re five: you’re pretty sure he isn’t real, you kinda wanna touch him to confirm it’s just a dude in a suit, and when you finally get up close and personal you get a ripe whiff of that pungent Florida BO soaking through the costume and realize everything is a lie and life sucks.

Those surgeries haven’t come without their consequences, however. “There are some things I can’t do anymore, or are uncomfortable,” Nadia Sofia Nahir tells Mirror. “Sleeping or lying on my front I can’t do anymore, or running over a short distance. I also try not to use the Underground [subway] much now and especially not at rush hour times.”

And unlike the reasonable, mostly-sensible families we have here in the states, Nadia’s family is completely supportive of her look and desires to get more surgery. “My next plan is another breast augmentation,” she explains. “My family is supportive, even if they don’t understand and think I’m a little weird. They aren’t as used to the looks I get when we go to a restaurant together, and my cousins sometimes get angry at guys who stare at me.”

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