Wi-Fi: could it be killing us slowly?

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We simply can’t escape modern technology and the exposure to radiation. It’s just everywhere. There are so many people with wireless devices and cell phones today that you don’t have to have a cell phone to be exposed.

However, if you think iPads or other tablets can’t give off much radiation, you are wrong.  In fact, the French National Assembly passed a new national law banning wi-fi from nurseries in early 2015. Here is what you must know.  Wireless radiation has been linked to leukemia, autism, ADHD,  cancer, and Alzheimer’s (1).

Wi-Fi Linked To Leukemia, Autism, ADHD, Cancer & Alzheimer’s

The World Health Organization named wireless radiation a possible carcinogen, putting it in a class with DDT, lead, and tailpipe exhaust regarding the potential to cause cancer.

Non-ionizing or microwave radiation damages the brain and sperm of experimental animals. Since tablets are microwave transmitters, they emit short but intense bursts of pulsed radiation every few seconds. Children’s rapidly-developing nervous and immune systems can be seriously affected by this radiation, leading to brain maturation and resulting in reproductive damage.

This microwave radiation disrupts DNA, weakens the brain’s protective barrier, and releases highly reactive and damaging free radicals. The bone marrow of a child’s head absorbs 10 times more radiation than an adult, while those of infants and toddlers will absorb even more (2).

One research study found that “there may be an increase in the risk of glioma in the most exposed area of the brain among long-term and heavy users of mobile phones” However, these results are uncertain and require replication before they can be taken to indicate a cause-effect relationship. (3)

Ways to reduce your EMF exposure when using an iPad or other Tablets

  • Use your iPad tablet on airplane mode and Wi-Fi to OFF. This will stop the connection radiation.
  • DO NOT use your iPad on your lap.  Every inch further away from the body greatly diminishes the intensity of radiation exposure.
  • Minimize time spent with wireless devices.

The Highschool Experiment

Recently a group of high school students performed an experiment using plant seeds. They took 400 cress seeds and split them between 12 different containers. All the containers were in the same room, at the same temperature, with the same amount of water. Six of the routers were placed next to a Wi-Fi router, which emits the same type of radiation as a regular cellphone. (10)

After 12 days, the results were staggering.

The cress seeds that were kept as far away as possible from the Wi-Fi router grew healthily and became green.

Wi-Fi: could it be killing us slowly?

But the seeds next to the router? Totally different experience. Most were dead and none had sprouted.

Wi-Fi: could it be killing us slowly?

Their experiment concludes that Wi-Fi radiation can expose your body to elements that will greatly affect your health. 

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