Why You Should Wrap Your Feet with Aluminum Foil

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With all the expensive drugs and treatments out there, it is no wonder that many of us look for alternative methods to cure certain health problems.

These methods require little to no money and can even be found at home. One is aluminum foil, which most of us already have to store leftovers or cook food. But it may not have crossed your mind to use it for some health issues, such as fatigue and painful joints. This shows that aluminum foil actually has many other uses beyond the kitchen, which include:

  • Treats neck pains
  • Soothes knee pains
  • Reduces shoulder aches
  • Treats stubborn heel pain
  • Heals muscular problems
  • Reduces inflammation

The good news about using aluminum foil for your aches and pains is that it is really easy to apply. All you have to do is to wrap the aluminum foil around the affected area, just like the ginger plaster. In about an hour, the pain will subside.

Why You Should Wrap Your Feet with Aluminum Foil
This isn’t a tin foil hat case – literally.

Why is This Treatment Effective?

The aluminum foil treatment has been used in many countries, but most especially in Russia and China. Aluminum foil is one product that is a special resource for energy structure. The human body has special stem cells that constantly interact with the energy field of the Earth. When this field is deformed, which is actually a natural occurrence, the energy supply for the stem cells of the body is disrupted. What the aluminum foil does is that it reflects the energy field of the Earth and amplifies it numerous times to successfully restore the disrupted interaction between the Earth’s energy field and stem cells.

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Why You Should Use Aluminum Foil

Wrapping your feet with aluminum foil has therapeutic benefits. Many Chinese and even alternative medicine doctors believe that the ordinary foil can alleviate problems, such as pains in the back, arms, neck, and even joints. This means that even those who have rheumatoid arthritis can benefit from the use of aluminum foil, especially because this treatment also targets inflammatory responses of the body. Aluminum foil wrapping is also effective for people who have heel aches, gout, and sciatica. People who have just undergone surgery can also benefit from this treatment because it can relieve pain caused by post-operative scar tissues.

To use aluminum foil as a natural remedy for your pains, follow the steps below:

  1. Apply the foil onto the spot where you experience pain.
  2. Secure with a bandage or simply a Band-Aid.
  3. Don’t remove overnight. If possible, leave it on for the whole day.

Do this therapy for at least 10 days, and then stop for one to two weeks before resuming again if the pain is still there.

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