Why the more you lose weight the fatter?

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You think you have lost weight properly but doubt your weight has increased. Unexpected cause comes from the eating habits that you think you have done right.

Obesity is a form of disease that no one wants to experience. But sometimes the very things that you think help you burn off excess fat to prevent the risk of obesity are mistaken for your weight gain.

Here are some basic mistakes when losing weight that many people often make. You should know it well to avoid these mistakes!

Each dish has different calories, so if you misunderstand, you will accidentally miss good calories from vegetables. Meanwhile, you focus on eating fried food or attractive fast food without noticing that the calories from this food group are very large. However, even though you eat very quickly and may feel full afterward, it can make you feel hungry faster. So, you should change this diet right away and aim for a healthier, more balanced diet.

Why the more you lose weight the fatter?

The mistakes when losing weight

Choose low fat / diet foods only

Another fundamental mistake that can cause your weight to change erratically is due to improper food choices. In fact, some low-fat or diet foods don't help you lose as much as you think. When your body lacks a healthy amount of fat, it will also make you hungry faster and make it easier to gain weight.

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Not eating enough protein

Protein is the most important nutrient the body needs to help maintain the body's activities. A menu containing enough protein will help you feel full, consume energy and fat efficiently. At the same time, it also helps build muscle and lose weight more sustainably.

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Eat less fiber

Did you know that fiber plays an important role in metabolism, helps you stay full and limits fat accumulation. Therefore, it is very important to get enough fiber in your diet. But if you do not do this, then certainly the excess fat will last long in the body.

Eat continuously, even when not hungry

You often get typical advice like breaking down meals during the day to lose weight. However, eating a lot of meals continuously, even when you are not hungry and choosing high-calorie snacks, will disrupt your weight loss plan. The key to successful weight loss is to maintain a healthy diet and to change the menu to fit your weekly body condition.

Why the more you lose weight the fatter?

Drink canned juice

The juice seems to be very good at weight loss and gives you a healthy skin. But if you choose to buy canned water at convenience stores, they often contain the amount of sugar and preservatives that affect your weight. Therefore, you should make your own juice at home and limit the amount of sugar you drink.

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Eat processed foods

Similar to fast food, eating processed foods at convenience stores is not only healthy, but also makes you gain weight fast. Therefore, prepare your weight loss menu with nutritious dishes.

Lazy eat fresh fruit

Fresh fruits are an important part of your weight loss plan. Because they help replenish fiber and vitamins, promote digestion, metabolism and prevent fat accumulation. So you should eat a variety of fruits daily but remember to choose low sugar only!

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