Why should you drink coffee in the morning?

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Coffee actually has too many uses, especially in helping to prevent liver cancer.

Do you think coffee only helps to wake you up in the morning? The truth is that it offers more health benefits than you think. A recent study showed that people who regularly drink coffee halved the risk of the most common types of liver cancer.

This research was presented at a conference of the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) in Glasgow. Researchers from Queen's University Belfast conducted research on nearly half a million people, of whom about a quarter were drinking coffee.

Why should you drink coffee in the morning?

Why should you drink coffee in the morning?

Coffee helps prevent liver cancer effectively

The researchers followed 365,157 people who drank coffee and more than 100,000 who did not drink coffee for more than seven and a half years through national cancer records.

At that time, 88 people were diagnosed with the most common liver cancer in the UK. Coffee drinkers have a 50% lower risk of this disease than non-drinkers. Risk factors in these cases include alcohol, tobacco and obesity.

Explaining the miraculous effects of coffee, scientists have shown that coffee beans contain polyphenols that can prevent cancer cells from dividing.

Why should you drink coffee in the morning?

Lead author of the study - Kim Tu Tran - said: “People who have a habit of drinking coffee can be confident that maintaining this habit is good for their health. That's because coffee contains antioxidants and caffeine - substances that can protect the body and fight cancer. However, drinking coffee does not have the complete anti-cancer effect of stopping smoking, reducing alcohol or losing weight. "

The World Cancer Research Fund has also concluded that coffee is "capable" of reducing the risk of liver cancer. In addition, the researchers also synthesized the subjects who regularly drink coffee including the elderly, people with university degrees, people who regularly drink alcohol and men.

However, experts also say that not all types of coffee have the same effect. Most coffee drinkers in the UK use ground coffee. But some experts suspect it may increase the risk of cancer. The proof is that it has higher levels of acrylamide - a carcinogenic chemical produced when coffee is roasted.

A study at Queen’s compared between ground coffee and instant coffee showed that the risk of HCC was low compared to those who drank instant coffee. Instant jars of coffee are also believed to contain many anti-cancer compounds, such as chlorogen acid, that can prevent harmful inflammation in the body.

However, it is only about liver cancer. The latest study, published in the British Journal of Cancer, found no overall link between coffee and other digestive cancers, despite taking into account specific types of cancer, including Bowel cancer and stomach cancer.

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