Why just 30 minutes of exercise can lose weight fast?

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Although the time is tight, you should understand that it only takes 30 minutes to be effective in losing weight.

Excess fat accumulates over time, most often from belly fat to thighs and hands. The longer the time, the harder the fat accumulation will be, but nothing is impossible if you are really determined to exercise to lose weight.

Science has proven that 30 minutes is ideal for exercise, even helping the body to achieve a better weight loss effect than working out for many hours in the gym.

Why is it better to exercise for 30 minutes to lose weight?

A study once published in the Telegraph shows that those who exercise 30 minutes - half an hour per day long weight loss than those who practice an hour. This study shows that short-duration exercise sessions burn more calories. In addition, training for a short time also helps the practitioner increase the will and motivation to practice every day - one of the prerequisites for achieving training results.

Why just 30 minutes of exercise can lose weight fast?

Other studies have also shown the remarkable and superior effect of 30 minutes compared to long, about 1 hour or more. In a study of 60 Danish men who matured for 13 weeks. 50% of them practice 30 minutes, the remaining 50% practice 1 hour. Surprisingly, those who exercised 30 minutes lost nearly 3.6 kg over 3 weeks and the longer group lost 2.7 kg.

Why a lot of exercise is not as effective as a 30-minute exercise, the reason lies in the motivation, according to the author of the study published in the Danish scientific journal Dr. Astrid Jespersen. Due to the moderate amount of exercise, people in the exercise group are less motivated to exercise and live healthily, feeling excited about climbing stairs, walking, and light exercise. In the group of people who practice for 1 hour, due to the long duration of the training, they are exhausted and do not improve their positive lifestyle.

Some high-calorie burning exercises with only about 30 minutes of exercise: Cycling on an incinerator with about 488 calories / 30 minutes, Basic Yoga: 177 calories / 30 minutes, aerobic: About 244 - 266 calories / 30 minutes, Exercise with hydraulic resistance helps burn about 500 calories / 30 minutes.

Exercises with a hydraulic resistance machine help lose weight effectively.

How should you exercise below 30 minutes / day?

12 minutes of intense exercise a week also helps the body increase oxygen absorption and lower blood pressure.

Why just 30 minutes of exercise can lose weight fast?

If you do not have time, you should still practice, not only to look better but also to improve health. Most people who work in the office have difficulty getting regular exercise. This leads to many bone, joint, and degenerative diseases ... Science has shown that adults should perform 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, equivalent to about 20 minutes a day or 75 minutes of exercise. weighs a week, which is equivalent to 10 minutes of heavy exercise per week to ensure health promotion.

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