Why is the skin increasingly acne and aging?

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Leading dermatologists have revealed skin problems that can tell you about your health and explain that mental and physical problems can directly affect your face.

Timm Golueke - a dermatologist at Urban Retreat - A spa and beauty spa specializing in London, England revealed that: "Dermatological problems can reflect the health situation both in the spirit. both physically and mentally ".

Timm Golueke - Dermatologist at Urban Retreat - A spa specializing in beauty and health care in London, UK

Stress can cause a boil around your mouth, and hormonal imbalance can also cause acne to appear around the jawbone area of ​​your neck.

Anxiety may cause the muscles around the jaw to work harder and cause wrinkles.

Sharing with the Women section of the Daily Mail, Dr. Timm pointed out the causes of your dermatological conditions, from which to give a thorough remedy.

Why is the skin increasingly acne and aging?

What causes skin breakouts and aging?


When you're stressed, a pimple is called skin inflammation in the chin or around the mouth.

"Any stress can cause this condition, and even lack of sleep and anxiety can make skin problems worse - Acne can appear and go away." disappears but the skin will never be completely cleared of acne, ”Dr. Tim revealed.

The first way to solve this problem is to find out the cause of stress as well as review your skin care routine.

The doctor added: “People often have the habit of treating acne areas excessively by deep cleaning and using many different special creams but this will only make acne worse. worse. Instead, try eliminating stress or making everyday lifestyle changes to reduce stress. At the same time replacing your skincare routine with the use of a mild moisturizer, you will get very positive results over the next few weeks. Therefore, be patient to get rid of the aforementioned vicious treatment cycle ”.



The doctor said: "I can detect anxiety and stress just by looking at the jawbone. Because anxiety affects the movement of muscles around the jaw. I can determine if it is If you have a forced smile, it will show up quite clearly in the muscles around your jaw, especially around the corner of your mouth.This muscle group is called depressor anguli oris (triangularis) is related to facial expressions ".

Why is the skin increasingly acne and aging?

"If you're worried and sad, this muscle will work at a higher frequency, which will cause wrinkles around the mouth."


Puffiness or dark circles are signs that the body is tired and lacks sleep. Therefore you need to take time to rest and sleep more.

Lack of sleep can cause large puffiness and dark circles. This tends to get worse when the body is tired. If you want to minimize the signs of fatigue, then moisturize your skin. There are 3 main ingredients that help your skin heal itself. In particular, hyaluronic acid plays a huge role with the effect of skin hydration, while the antioxidants in vitamins C and E are also essential if you live in large cities. Because of the high pollution in cities, it will form free radicals and release the decline of collagen - an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. Retinol (Vitamin A) is also important because it exfoliates and helps produce new collagen for the skin.


An unhealthy diet can produce blackheads around the cheek area, but if you go on a diet, the situation can get worse. Studies have shown that in the main food groups containing impurities that are the main factors causing blackheads and oily skin on the cheeks, because this is the area with the most sebaceous glands on the mirror. face.

Therefore, be extremely careful when changing diets or starting dieting because just a change in diet can affect hormone levels in the body and make the body accumulate many impurities.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalances often occur when there are changes in the body, such as when you are menstruating or during pregnancy.

If your hormones are unbalanced, the sebaceous glands will not be released normally and make your skin lose moisture, leading to redness and changes in skin pigmentation. . '

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