Why is the hair easily damaged and dry to split ends?

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Some people suspect that, too hard to wash your hair only makes the hair become increasingly tangled, weaker.

Shampooing once a day seems to be an indispensable procedure for the clean-loving ladies, especially for those who own hair but only forgot to wash one day, their hair will be in a sticky state, unbearable itching. However, the fact has always been that: too much is not good and this is true for shampooing too hard every day, and then the result she will receive will be increasingly messy hair, more weak.

Why does frequent shampooing have a negative effect on your hair?

According to Alexander Fuchs - a reputable hair stylist in Australia, who used to attend fashion weeks in Paris, New York, Sydney: "Your scalp needs 48 hours to recover, regenerate the natural protective film. Made up of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, this membrane acts as a shield, protecting your scalp from the attack of negative environmental factors such as sunlight, umbrella air. infections and free radicals; and all of these things greatly affect the quality of your hair. " The hair stylist further emphasizes, "If you wash your hair every day, you will prevent the scalp from recovering its protective film."

Why is the hair easily damaged and dry to split ends?

And so, the hard work of cleaning this seemingly good hair turns out to make your scalp weaker, losing the ability to protect yourself from external influences; The hair is also affected so it becomes damaged, brittle and tangled.

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So how much is a good shampoo frequency?

Hair stylist Alexander Fuchs said: "The ideal frequency of shampoo is about 2-3 times a week", this will help the scalp and hair have time to recover from damage, helping the hair become should be healthier and smoother than expected.

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In addition to a reasonable frequency of shampooing, women should also choose benign formulas (not containing sulfate); avoid washing your hair with very hot water or heat effect with a hair dryer, iron or curly hair ... to avoid damaging, helping the hair more healthy. And finally, if you prefer your hair with natural essential oils such as coconut oil, olive; hair masks or other nourishing oil products, soon they will have thick, soft, cloudy hair that they themselves long for.

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