Why is sleeping at these times so bad for your health

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Although sleep helps the body to be healthy and recovers, if sleeping during these 3 times is like harming yourself.

Sleep is inherently a vital requirement for most animals because it takes up one third of their life. During sleep, the body will release important hormones to help metabolism and accumulate energy for activities during the day. Not to mention it also helps the brain to systematically organize information and remember longer.

According to neuroscientist Matthew Walker of the University of California Berkeley (USA), the less sleep, the shorter the life cycle should all adults have to sleep 7-9 hours / night to be good. But not every time to sleep, because there are some times if we sleep will be harmful to health

Why is sleeping at these times so bad for your health

What times should you not sleep?

1. Sleep when mood is upset, angry

One of the benefits of sleep is to help relieve the physical and mental burden and improve the body's resistance. However, if you have a quarrel or get upset and go to bed quickly, it will seriously affect the quality of sleep and disturb the endocrine. More dangerous is an increased risk of liver and kidney damage.

"Angry emotions can also cause insomnia, making you to sleep all night because you cannot let out anger. Not to mention it also increases the activity of the heart, making you uncomfortable" - Experts on the specialist Journal of Research in Personalitu shared.

Why is sleeping at these times so bad for your health

2. Sleep while you are drunk

After drinking, everyone wants to go home and sleep for a good night's sleep. But in fact, sleeping while drunk is not only not relaxing the body, but also harmful. If you sleep at this time, the body will be deposited with alcohol waste in the trachea, causing lack of brain oxygen and risk of sudden death when you sleep.

In general, it is better to sit and rest for a while before you sleep, but if you lie down, lean over to the side. Take advantage of this time to wipe your face and drink more water so that your body can quickly relieve alcohol, helping to relieve dizziness and headache tomorrow.

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Why is sleeping at these times so bad for your health

3. Sleep day

Today's young people almost everyone has the habit of sleeping day and night: waking up at noon in the morning and staying up until 2-3 in the morning. It is important to understand that staying up late for a long time causes serious liver and kidney damage. Also, sleeping a lot will upset the circadian rhythm, affect the quality of work and cause chronic diseases.

In addition, sleeping for a long time not only affects eyesight but also causes back pain, eye fatigue, and poor concentration. If you do not correct this sleeping habit, it will be easier to become mentally weak, have less longevity and have difficulty sleeping at night.

Why is sleeping at these times so bad for your health

How to sleep properly and sleep better?

- Avoid 3 times of sleep that endanger your health as mentioned.

- Need to choose the right and most comfortable sleeping position for the body. It is best to lie on your back and avoid lying on your stomach.

- Give yourself a suitable sleeping space, the bedroom temperature should fluctuate from 26 - 28 degrees C to easier to fall asleep.

- Do not use electronic devices before bed.

Go to the bathroom before bed to avoid waking up in the middle.

- Don't overeat before bed.

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