Why is hickey so dangerous that it can cause you to have a stroke

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Recently, on social networks, there are Hickey Kiss that make people curious about this unique kiss. So, is such a "mark of sovereignty" as a symbol of a strong love or is it a potential danger that we should know. Stay tuned for the following article!

Sometimes the romantic moments leave some pretty strange bruises afterwards. These traces are scientifically known as "hickey". So why can hickey cause us a stroke?

Hickey Kiss facts you should know

Hickey is actually a fairly common form of trauma when having sex.It is because one of the two who is too excited will cause a bite or a too strong knot in the opponent's neck that causes blood clots to form. 

Why is hickey so dangerous that it can cause you to have a stroke
We asked a doctor if a hickey can really kill you

Hickey Kiss can lead to stroke

At the same time, there are two carotid arteries on both sides of the neck, which guide blood from the heart to the brain. Therefore, hickey or any strong impact on the neck can directly affect the carotid artery outside the skull.

If the hickey is strong enough, in addition to causing imprints on the neck, they can also damage the carotid artery endothelium, thereby forming a blood clot.

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Blood clots follow blood flow to the brain, causing acute vascular obstruction in the skull. The risk of developing a blood clot is higher if the victim has plaque present in the carotid artery or has an increased chance of developing a blood clot. At this time, the victim often shows signs of acute stroke such as sudden weakness or hemiplegia, slurred speech or distorted mouth.

Why is hickey so dangerous that it can cause you to have a stroke
Can you really die from a hickey?

Large blood clots, when moved to the brain, can cause widespread infarction, directly affecting the cardiovascular and respiratory control center in the brain, causing loss of consciousness and can die quite quickly.

In addition, a number of pre-existing patients with heart disease are more likely to develop thrombosis in the heart. The action of the kiss causes the body to produce certain hormones such as epinephrine or norepinephrine, causing an increase in heart rate and hypertension. This causes the blood clot, if available in the heart, to easily flow out of the heart and into the brain, causing a stroke.

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Hickey Kiss is at risk for oral herpes

Not yet! Biting during sex can cause you to get lip herpes - also known as oral genital herpes. This is a type of "social disease", spread mainly by unprotected sex. . In addition, if done violently will make you scratch, other viruses can also invade.

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Hickey Kiss may be a sign of iron deficiency

If your skin is easily bruised due to a slight hickey kiss, this is a sign that your body is deficient in iron and vitamin C. Meanwhile, the amount of oxygen circulating in the body is deficient, which will lead to fatigue and fainting. Moreover, iron affects digestive enzyme enzymes, causing indigestion.

Why is hickey so dangerous that it can cause you to have a stroke
Science explains how a hickey can kill you

In addition, iron deficiency also adversely affects memory and some other adverse reactions, such as irritability, depression or irritability. Therefore, you should regularly check your blood to promptly detect as well as treat iron deficiency.

Therefore, hickey can be a unique way of expressing love but you need to understand it and do not overdo it to cause the opponent or yourself to suffer the health consequences!

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