Why fatty liver disease should not eat eggs?

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Eggs contain many nutritional values with health but experts believe that patients with fatty liver should limit or not eat eggs. So why fatty liver disease should not eat eggs?

Fatty liver disease is actually a manifestation of fat accumulation that exceeds 5% of the liver's weight. Fatty liver disease can lead to cirrhosis, which can lead to liver cancer.

Therefore, the most effective treatment for fatty liver is to reduce the amount of fat in the liver. Therefore, along with the treatment prescribed by a doctor, patients should also be aware of abstaining from certain foods so that the disease does not become worse, affecting the treatment results, typically eggs.

Why fatty liver disease should not eat eggs?

Eggs are good for health but people with fatty liver should not eat

Many patients with fatty liver still think that eating eggs will be good for health. However, doctors recommend that although eating eggs is good for health because the nutritional value of eggs is very high as it contains many vitamins and minerals, beneficial fats for the body: vitamin A, zinc, iron, ...

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However, people with fatty liver should not eat too many eggs, especially those with level 3 disease, it is best to remove eggs from their menu. By minimizing or not eating eggs, egg products will help control the fat in the liver, eliminate the risk of excessive vitamin A accumulation in the liver, balance cholesterol levels in the blood. , ...

Why fatty liver disease should not eat eggs?

Egg yolks contain relatively high levels of cholesterol, eating every day raises cholesterol in the blood can cause fat accumulation in the liver more and more. Consistent consumption of eggs also increases the amount of protein and lipids that make the liver more burdensome because the liver will have to work harder to metabolize these substances. This will make the disease worse.

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According to the National Institute of Nutrition, a chicken egg has a nutritional value of about 40g while a duck egg is about 70g (with the shell). For duck eggs, 1 fruit has 182 kcal of energy, 12.4g of lipid, 13.6g of protein, 212mg of phosphorus, 82mg of calcium, 600mg of cholesterol ...

Experts also recommend that, in addition to limiting eggs in meals, patients with fatty liver should also pay attention to scientific activities, increase exercise to help increase liver cell metabolism, improve resistance.

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Foods that fatty liver patients should not eat

- Fat, animal fat: Tolerance of these substances means putting pressure on the activities of the liver, when the liver is unable to excrete them, they will accumulate fat here and produce fatty liver.

- Red meat: Because red meat contains many proteins and they are also metabolized in the liver. Eating too much red meat will increase the burden on the liver, create excess fat and make fatty liver disease increasingly serious.

Why fatty liver disease should not eat eggs?

- Fruits contain high sugar content: Limit fruits high in sugar to reduce the burden on the liver and control fatty liver disease is not more serious because too much sugar in the body will produce a lot of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, ...

- Alcoholic beverages: Alcohol when entering the body will promote the transition from fatty liver to cirrhosis, can even cause liver cancer.

- Hot spicy spices such as garlic, chilli, pepper, ginger, ... because they cause the liver to impair its function, unable to excrete fat, and stagnant fat makes the disease worse.

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