Why dog eats dirt- Causes and solutions

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Dogs are attracted to strange things, including quite dirty things such as sandy soil. The fact that dogs eat rock is not a good thing, if not saying that it is bad. So in this article, we will analyze the reasons why dog eats dirt ( rock and sand) and find a way to solve that situation!

The reasons why dog eats dirt ( rock and sand)

The menu is not good

The fact that dogs eat soil can explain that you take care of their daily meals incompletely, may be lack of some minerals, certain vitamins that make them look for something to recharge their own energy. Maybe your dog is on a diet because you feel they are too fat or you are feeding them unbalanced between protein and fiber. If you don't feed your dog bone, just eating nut food, dog's dry food can be a cause. They remember and crave for the taste of bone, they lacked bone quality so they came to the stool or soil as an alternative.

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Your dog has disease

They may be suffering from intestinal disease or thyroid disease. Because intestinal diseases cause bleeding in the body, they lose a certain amount of blood. Eating soil helps it regain the lost blood. Helminths in the body or lice, fleas also make your puppy feel anemic.

Why dog eats dirt- Causes and solutions

Something good around

A rather silly but understandable reason is that around those rocks there are deliciously scattered things, they are delicious so dogs eat both them and the surrounding rock. You can recognize this if they often come to eat in the area where you used to cook or the area where you used to put garbage or leftovers scattered.

Dogs with depression, stress

The fact that dogs have to stay home alone for too long can cause a pet dog to be stressed  and from there to find sandy soil as a toy or a dish that can make them reduce that condition. Loneliness, maybe due to less going out, walking around the street or running activities makes them want to eat the land to get rid of that boredom, this is common in dogs that are in the development stage. or breeds of dogs that need to be active such as Phu Quoc dog, Pitbull ...

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Discomfort in the stomach

Eating soil and rock can sometimes help reduce the discomfort in their stomach. When they are very uncomfortable in the intestines, they will simply think of finding something to load into their mouths to rub, push that nasty stuff into the large intestine and expel it quickly.

Why dog eats dirt- Causes and solutions

How to solve the problem Dog eat sand, rock and gravel

Ideally, you should not let them eat the rock even though sometimes in the above cases it will be beneficial for them. At present, the air and sandy soil is terribly polluted so eating stone and gravel, which is good for dogs but also cause many diseases related to the intestine and digestion. If your dog is bored, you simply have to give them activities, such as running and walking, or being interact with other dog clubs. If for food reasons, you should reconsider their daily diet, be sure to include dry, fresh, meat, fiber, vitamins .... The simplest dish you can make is decorticated chicken’s neck bone with very simple stew-vegetables - this dish contains all the necessary ingredients for pet dogs.

In addition, if dogs eat rock and gravel constantly leading to bad digestive symptoms, you should take them to the veterinarian to take measures to treat the disease in time!

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