Why does nobody like me even though I'm very beautiful and kind?

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"Why does nobody like me?" These are very common questions now. Especially for people who are alone for a long time. Perhaps themselves didn't understand why they couldn't find anyone who liked them even though they was very good

"Obviously looking at yourself is fine, everything is in acceptable range so why are you a nice person but still no one likes to play with you?" - The main answer is we need to understand that life is impermanent, no one is like anyone, so it is impossible to force people to like you if they do not like it. 

Why does nobody like me even though Im very beautiful and kind?
I am good with people, so why does no one like me?

Why does nobody like me?

The fact that if you want to make people love you is difficult, but to make people hate you is simple. In fact, if you want to make people like you difficult, it's easy to make people hate you. Therefore, you should wonder what you did to make them so. Here are the common reasons people don't like you:

No care about other people's feelings and thoughts

A person who doesn't care about the feelings, thoughts, ideas that people have set out but only cares about your interests is sad that you are a selfish person. Certainly, no one wants to be friends with someone who can only accept without giving away

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Hide emotions

Researchers recommend that you keep showing your natural emotional state instead of trying to cover them up if you want others to open up and care about you because no one arbitrarily pursues intimate relationships. 

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Often people tend to look to people who are willing to respond to their enthusiasm. So, if people find out that someone is hiding their true feelings, they may assume that the person is not interested in his enthusiasm, such as being friendly, encouraging encouragement and both solidarity

No sense of humor

People who lack the sense of humor often find it difficult to associate friends. Because people who are too serious often make it difficult for others to get close and get less attention.

Why does nobody like me even though Im very beautiful and kind?
Trying to understand why no one likes me

Behave as if you dislike everybody

If you don't show your concern for the people you meet, you can make them alienate and indifferent to you. Gradually they think that you don't like them and so they don't want to communicate with you and tend to make friend another person.

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In addition, other studies also point out reason "Why does nobody like you?" because they may not understand you or have differences in thoughts and personalities.

Therefore, if you have one of these reasons, you should change it so you can get to know and stick more closely with the people around you.

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