Why do you want to die?

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There are so many incidents that can happen to your life anytime, anywhere. Once in a while, you may feel that you're all alone, that your life is such a shame that you see death is the best solution. However bad it seems, you need to stop for a second and think about the reasons why you want to die.

You have many spaces that cannot be filled

Why do you want to die?
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Those are the moments you are most weak, the gaps are so many that it seems to make you no longer know if you can share with others, and who you can share with.

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You break up with a loved one

Why do you want to die?
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In all relationships, whether it is friendship, family or love, there will be disagreements, quarrels or even separation. Think about them before deciding though it is very important. Because all of those things are always the aftertaste of life you must go through, be honest with them.

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You are experiencing a failure

Why do you want to die?
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Anyone of us will have to go through tripping times, even if it is the most difficult test of life. Every time you stand in front of failure, allow yourself to look back on everything, see what you are facing, how you stumbled, the mistakes can be corrected or not. Don't forget to give me another chance to try, to start over if possible. Smile to give me a little more optimistic.

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