Why do you suffer from insomnia and memory impairment?

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Reconsider how you eat and drink instead of rushing to invest in complex, expensive pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to tone your body or fight hair loss, prevent insomnia ...

Not only affects physical health, insomnia also negatively affects intellect. After only a few sleepless nights, many people went into a scene when they remembered and forgot. This condition can lead to memory loss and the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

In the past, insomnia was more common in people over 60 but now the number of patients under 40 is increasing. This is because the more modern life, the pressure "besieged", housework, work stories, relationships, events, impaired body function ... easily cause many people to lose sleep. When not overcome promptly, a few sleepless nights will turn into chronic insomnia.

Because of insomnia, many people fall into a state of fatigue, irritability, often anxiety, suspicion, the baby tearing apart, bittersweet. People who suffer from insomnia "miserable" because of the sleepless night also accompany the whole family and relatives "suffer" when disturbed activities cause many troubles.

Why do you suffer from insomnia and memory impairment?

What is the unexpected reason for insomnia and memory loss?

1. You crave for something salty or sweet

According to May Simpkin, a diet low in protein or high in carbohydrates will quickly release sugar into the bloodstream. Your body will experience a common reaction when fasted with lots of sugar or carbs: fasting blood sugar drops. This is because the body easily "overcomes" when it has to release too much insulin at once. You will quickly crave food, salty cravings, sweet cravings due to reduced blood sugar.

Protein has many roles such as keeping your hair, nails, skin beautiful, fighting insomnia, toning muscles ... - artwork from the internet

2. Pasty muscles

You can lose weight when trying to eat protein but at the same time the body will be very loose, loose. Protein is a substance to create muscles, without it, the muscles will weaken, reduce muscle mass, reduce support for joints, difficult to recover if suffering from sports injuries.

Why do you suffer from insomnia and memory impairment?

3. Hair loss, skin and nails worsen

The body cannot effectively regenerate cells to replace dead cells, if you lack protein. You will see thinning hair, less shiny skin and nails.

4. Weak immune system

"The immune cells are all made up of proteins. Without enough protein, they cannot be repaired and replicated to fight germs," ​​warns Simpkin.

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5. Brain fog

Consider eating your fish if you are a "goldfish brain". Neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine are both made of protein. You will be in a bad mood, easily stressed, upset, lack of concentration and reduced mental alertness.

Why do you suffer from insomnia and memory impairment?

6. Or insomnia

Without protein, hormone production will be compromised and imbalanced your circadian clock. In protein-rich foods, tryptophan is an essential amino acid that helps create good sleep. So sleep deprivation can be due to a protein-deficient dinner.

7. Or stress

Lacking protein, the body releases a number of stress hormones, influences your emotions, increases your risk of muscle and tissue damage when you exercise and have trouble.

According to two nutrition experts, the UK government recommends the amount of protein each person needs to load is 0.8 g / kg of weight. Eating too much protein can make you sick, but so little does it.

For an average sedentary woman, they need about 46 g / day, for men is 56 g. People who are active, heavy labor, and exercise need more.

With today's vehicles, you can easily try looking up the protein content on the dishes you eat. Protein is easy to find in most animal products.

If you are a vegetarian, learn how to cook a nutritious vegetarian meal, choose protein-rich plant products (such as legumes, nuts, mushrooms, etc.) and eat in sufficient quantities by the same amount, Plant foods often have a much lower protein content than animals. Protein deficiency is also common in unscientific dieters.

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