Why do you feel nauseous but can't vomit?

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Feeling nauseous but unable to vomit makes you extremely uncomfortable? You are worried about whether this symptom is related to any pathology and how to treat it? The following article will answer the above question.

Nausea is an uncomfortable state of the stomach, feeling of waves, discomfort in the abdomen and throat. When nausea but vomiting does not make the patient more tired, not eating well, restless sleep. This symptom may appear to be a sign of many different diseases, but the most common problems are related to the digestive system.

Feeling nauseous but not vomiting is a worry for many people.

Why do you feel nauseous but cant vomit?

Why do you feel nauseous but can't vomit?

1. The body is dehydrated

Dehydration occurs easily making your body unbalanced. When the body does not have enough water needed to circulate inside, the blood flow will not be sufficient, thereby affecting the digestive organs and causing nausea, abdominal pain.

2. Due to stress

When you are worried, your body's functions like digestion may stagnate, leading to an accumulation of certain toxins in the body. This buildup of toxins sends chemical signals to the brain and causes nausea.

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3. Having migraine

Migraines are often accompanied by sudden nausea during the day. Experts also said that serotonin in the brain sends signals to the blood vessels in the brain, thereby activating the brain, causing feelings of nausea and tiredness.

Why do you feel nauseous but cant vomit?

4. Blood sugar is too low

Your hormones will work to regulate blood sugar. However, if the blood sugar level drops too low (hypoglycemia), the hormones like glucagon, epinephrine ... will spike to help the body produce more glucose. As a result, your stomach will be under pressure, causing nausea and discomfort.

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5. Take medicine on an empty stomach

In addition to the above problems, if you take the medication at a stomach, without food, it can also cause many unwanted side effects. Medications like pain medicine, antibiotics, birth control, blood pressure, etc. can all irritate your stomach. At this point, your gut will have to process food by releasing stomach acid. So, when you take the pill on an empty stomach, it will stimulate and cause nausea but not vomiting.

6. Gastroesophageal reflux

Gastroesophageal reflux is one of the causes of nausea. At that time, acid from the stomach will flow into the esophagus, making you feel full and uncomfortable. In addition, you can easily tell if nausea comes with chest pain, difficulty swallowing food, or feel like a lump in your throat.

Why do you feel nauseous but cant vomit?

7. Bowel obstruction

When you feel nauseous all day and have a lot of abdominal pain, feeling of cramps, difficulty going to the toilet, you can immediately think of the possibility of intestinal obstruction. At this time, the food is congested and you should stop adding more food to the body, avoiding more serious illness.

Bowel obstruction has the basic symptom of nausea and cramps.

8. Gastritis - duodenum

Maybe this is a sign of gastritis - duodenum when you feel nausea often appears after eating, accompanied by bloating and abdominal distention, heartburn. Even when hungry and after eating, there is a burning sensation like burning in the abdomen, epigastric pain, making patients feel dizzy and tired.

9. Acute and chronic colitis

When you feel nauseous, accompanied by abnormal changes in bowel movements, constipation mixed with loose stools, bloating or bloating, you may have acute or chronic colitis. Another recognizable sign is that the dull pain is not obvious in any place, when the pain is intense and then returns to normal, the pain does not cycle but increases when eating some strange foods.

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10. Pregnancy

Most women who get pregnant during the first few months often feel nauseous, eat nausea, and even vomit but cannot vomit. The phenomenon of nausea but not vomiting during pregnancy is also known as "morning sickness".

Why do you feel nauseous but cant vomit?

Ways to reduce nausea quickly, simply

- Drink plenty of water (if possible).

- Eat liquid foods such as porridge, soup. Then gradually move to soft, easily digested foods. Avoid high fat foods, as they will cause discomfort and bloating.

- Avoid smelling strong odors, such as perfumes.

- Examine and take medicine as directed by your doctor. If you suspect you are pregnant, you should go to an obstetrics gynecologist for an ultrasound examination, so early detection of pregnancy will help you care for your pregnancy better.

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