Why do people want to die when they are stressed in life?

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Today, due to the pressures of life, many women, especially young women, become depressed, gradually wanting to end their lives. Why do we want to die when life is so stressful?

Modern life has a lot of problems that make us bother and worry about every day in a pinwheel. Especially for the woman.

Then there are also women who want to live alone, just worrying about their husbands and children buried in their work and never being able to feel alone ... This makes many women fall into a state of stress and depression that lasts so long. want to seek death to make life less burdensome.

Why do people want to die when they are stressed in life?

Many modern women seek death because of the pressures piled up in their daily lives. The pressure in modern life requires a woman not only to be good at work but also to be skillful in relationships ... This makes many women feel too heavy, just want to flee far away, even There is no shortage of people who want to die. That is why in recent years, there has been no shortage of cases where the mother jumped and killed herself.

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Many women want to die in the midst of modern life, how to stop it?

According to the World Health Organization, about 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. In the US, WHO estimates that there are about 3.6 million people suffering from depression, accounting for 4% of the population (2015 data). About 5,000 people die from suicide because depressed people are 25 times more likely to commit suicide than others.

According to health experts, depression is a common disorder that can occur in any subject. However, this is more common in women. The disease is very dangerous, requiring early detection and timely treatment, or it will quickly turn to suicidal intent.

Why do people want to die when they are stressed in life?

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To prevent depression, to commit more suicide in women, women need to make lifestyle changes such as reducing salt, coffee, giving up alcohol and smoking. When suicidal thoughts or attempts to share confidences with others. Women should pay attention to building relationships with spouses, friends, colleagues ... in the spirit of openness, cordial communication.

In particular, relatives and public opinion should not create undue pressure on women, sometimes it is simply a courtesy question but accidentally causes stress, heavily affects psychology of people. women, leading to unfortunate behaviors, even affecting health and life.

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