Why do people like to have sex?

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Sex brings a lot of fun that few can refute. However, scientific studies show that regular sex is still extremely helpful.

There are at least 5 most obvious reasons why sex is good for human health.

Why should humans have sex?

Strengthen the immune system

Regular sex can protect us from colds, says Dr. William Colby, author of The Rejuvenating Power of Masturbation. Sexual intimacy sends signals to the pituitary gland to stimulate the endocrine system.

Why do people like to have sex?

Lowering blood pressure

A study published by Biological Psychology in 2000 said that regular sex can normalize blood pressure.

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Strengthen cardiovascular and blood vessels

Having sex reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. In particular, medical studies by J Epidemiol Community Health in 2002 showed that regular sex reduced the risk of stroke and coronary disease in men.

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Sex and relaxation afterwards often go hand in hand. A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior in 2002 suggested that semen has antidepressant properties.

Improve sleep quality

Many of us, after sex, are often sleepy, the fact that endorphins lead us to a state of euphoria while also completely relaxing.

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