Why do my feet stink worse than others?

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Many people have wondered why do my feet stink than others, especially when their legs are sweating profusely. So what causes your legs to smell better than others?

Feet stink is symptom that many people suffer and cause many problems in life. According to doctors, the main reason that your feet smell bad is not because you sweat too much, but because of bacteria. Science has proven in sweat that contains salt and lactic acid with an unpleasant odor. So when your feet are exposed for a long time in a humid environment, your feet will produce a large amount of bacteria, which will quickly multiply and create a "strong" odor.

Also below are other common reasons that make your feet smell bad.

Why do my feet stink worse than others?
Why do feet stink? How can you get rid of the smell?

The cause of your feet stink

Fungal infections

Fungal infections make your feet smell worse because bacteria can eat dead skin cells on the skin of your feet and produce sulfur gas that smells like rotten eggs. 

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The more stressful, the more sweat your body will excrete, which makes your feet smell more badly because the sweat produced by stress is produced from a different route from heat due to sweat.

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A pair of shoes that are too tight will produce bacteria. Gradually bacteria will consume amino acids in sweat and create bad odors.

Therefore, to overcome this situation, health experts recommend that everyone should keep in mind the following simple tips.

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Simple tips to remove feet stink

  • Wash your feet thoroughly, mix about 10 to 15ml of rice vinegar in a pot of warm water, soak your feet for about 15 minutes. Once a day soak once, perform every 3-5 days.
  • Soak your feet in hot water for 50 to 60 degrees for about 15 minutes, 1 to 2 times a day, reduce foot odor and limit sweating.
  • Green tea with its cool properties has the effect of discharging toxic, effective deodorant thanks to the faint, gentle fragrance. So you should use green tea rub the soles of the feet, fingers, toenails to remove all the bacteria that stay on the skin.
  • Replace your socks at least once a day. If your feet are sweating, you should change your socks more often. At the same time you can use deodorant pads to put on shoes, it will help prevent odors more effectively.
  • Wet shoes make bacteria grow on feet faster. Therefore, it is recommended to leave the shoes completely dry before each trip or change with another shoes. Avoid wearing shoes that are too tight or squashy.
  • If you need to reduce your foot odor quickly, you should apply antiperspirant or deodorant spray to your feet.

Note: If the smell of perspiration becomes severe and prolonged, you should go to a doctor to medical examination and prescribe medication to treat the root.

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