Why do i talk to myself, is this behavior normal?

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Most people see a person who likes to talk alone or talk to his own mirror, shadow ... They will think that this is abusive behavior, this person has signs of mental illness.

However, according to the latest psychological research, people who often talk alone have high cognitive abilities, not because they have mental illness.

Is talking to myself a sign of mental illness?

In everyday life, many times we probably talk to ourselves. Others may consider it unusual, "crazy" but they don't know its miraculous effect. In fact, talk to yourself is a great way to remember what you have learned.

Almost all of us often whisper in our heads. We often engage in transcendental dialogues at 3 am with no one but our own thoughts to find the answer. Inner monologue is really healthy, it have a special role in keeping our minds at ease.

Why do i talk to myself, is this behavior normal?
Is talking to yourself a sign of mental illness?

At the same time it helps us organize thoughts, plan actions, strengthen memory, and regulate emotions. In other words, it helps us control ourselves. Talking to myself is the extension of whispering in my mind, it appears when a certain command motor is accidentally activated.

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"Talk to myself" allows you to recognize many of the "why" needs to be answered, so that the mind will focus on it. If you have to turn up difficult questions, then you really understand what you need to get the problem completely.

Therefore the behavior you talking to yourself is not a mental illness but a state that will help you be smarter and learn better.  That action looks a bit silly but you will overcome the initial feeling when you see the results.

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While there is no denying the positive side of talking to yourself, if you talk about disappointing and negative things, this is really a problem because it can lead to psychological problems like boredom. frustrated.

How to limit talking to yourself?

Most of the main causes of talking to yourself because we have no one to share our thoughts with. In other words, the best way to limit talking to yourself is to make sure you have people nearby to talk to each other. Of course, if you suffer from loneliness for some reason, try to look outward with your friends to share your thoughts, gradually you can limit talking to yourself..

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Another way is that you can also listen to music or watching TV because this action can disperse your monologue thoughts with lyrics, gradually you will forget about talking alone. At the same time, if you try to sing along to music, it will help you not have the opportunity to talk to yourself. So if you talk to yourself just to break the silence, listening to music or watching TV is really a useful solution for you.

Sometimes, it may be simpler to just chew a chewing gum to keep your mouth busy, which can also help you to stop talking to yourself.

After all, the act of talking to yourself is this kind of mental stimulation that is difficult to control, but they will be completely suppressed when we focus on something.

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