Why do i have bags under my eyes

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Usually eyes bags occur due to bad sleeping schedule, stay up late and not having enough sleep. This causing huge bags and dark circle under your eyes, though they're not affecting you physically but they can hinder your appearance and make you unconfident in front of people. But did you know. this happened because of other causes as well. So here are 6 more causes that can give you ugly eyes bags.


Why do i have bags under my eyes

You might actually get away with blaming mom and dad for this one.

Apparently, genetics play a key role around the eye area.

This is especially noticeable in people who have naturally thin or pale skin (lucky me), as there is less pigmentation to conceal those darker areas.

Easy to see, hard to reveal. Thank you, parents.

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Why do i have bags under my eyes

Here's the scoop: Subluxation is the movement of fat from underneath the eyeball to the front of the eye, which is a direct result of genetics.

Another issue rooted back to the 'rents.

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Why do i have bags under my eyes

If your palette prefers more of a savory dish than sweets, I've got some bad news for you.

In addition to expanding the lower abdominals to food-baby status, eating a wide range of foods high in sodium and saturated with salt can also lead to swelling under the eyelid.

So the next time you go to order a pretzel at the mall, maybe swap salt for mustard instead.

This one's all on you, friend.


Why do i have bags under my eyes

Itchy eyes are the worst, but incessant rubbing and scratching can only provide temporary relief.

Princess Ogbogu, MD, assistant professor at The Ohio State University College of Medicine told Everyday Health that, when allergens hit your eyes, they basically dissolve in your tears.

Then they make contact with the lining of the eye (the conjunctiva), and they react with antibodies that are bound to cells in your eyes.

Translation: It's basically a domino effect.

The antibodies cause the body to release histamine, which leads to nasal congestion, which results in a stuffy nose and puffy eyes.

The only solution I'm seeing here is to stay inside, always.

Or take a Claritan. That helps, too.

5. PMS

Let's just tack this one onto the long list of reasons periods suck.

Similar to how your spiking hormonal levels and internal workings can cause major belly bloat, during your monthly cycle, your eyes can “retain water.”


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Why do i have bags under my eyes

Happy or sad, putting on the water works can also lead to puffy under-eyes.

What happens when you cry is an internal swap of salt and water around the eye area that ultimately causes the skin there to swell up.

Regardless of what's causing your under-eye circles, remember these little quirks in your appearance are what make you you.

Those bags show you've lived your life, girl. Keep on livin' and doing you.

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