Why do I gym regularly but my muscles are still not toned?

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An ideal body according to the standard of health, beauty and sexy nowadays, in addition to being slender, it also has to be toned, with attractive muscle fibers.

However, many people spend hours every day in the gym but still do not get the body as desired. Why? The crux of the problem may lie in the following causes.

Why muscles are not toned even after exercising?

Reduce carbs and calories too quickly

According to The Healthsite, a fairly common problem that bodybuilders are in the process of losing fat often is to reduce calories and carbs (starch) too quickly. Reducing starch content much will certainly lose weight quite quickly, but this reduction only exists in a short time. If you reduce most carbs, your body will adapt to low carbs and you will not be able to lose more. What do you get when you no longer lose body fat?

Why do I gym regularly but my muscles are still not toned?

The only key to a weight loss diet is to eat as much as possible while losing body fat. Then, once you reach a steady state, you can reduce your carbs and calories until you are back on track. Continue, lose more and continue to lose fat most effectively and scientifically.

Not eating enough protein

Your current exercise plan may be to reduce calories but not to help your body become toned due to not eating enough protein. Muscles need protein for muscle recovery and growth. So, add lean meat, fish and eggs to your diet every day.

Not drinking enough water

If you do not drink enough water, you will become dehydrated and suffer from the feeling of tiredness, which is followed by a slow metabolism and frequent attack of cravings. Remember, muscles cannot recover from dehydration and the body will not burn fat effectively if there is not enough water.

Why do I gym regularly but my muscles are still not toned?

Repeating an exercise

If you focus on just a few exercises and keep practicing, your body will adapt and get used to the intensity. From there, you just burn calories to be tired enough, but you can't lose any fat. Shuffle the exercises, increase the intensity, can arrange the exercises in a way that gradually increases the difficulty.

Scientists at the University of Tampa, Florida (USA) found that when regular exercise exercises familiar, the body will adapt and reach a state of low intensity cardiovascular stability. In the beginning, exercise can bring immediate weight loss effect, but over time, the body will get used to it and the weight will not drop. To achieve a high weight loss effect, it is necessary to combine a diet low in carbohydrates and calories, and change exercises regularly.

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The break between exercises is too long

During exercise, it is also necessary to give the body time to rest between training sets. However, you should only rest with sufficient time from 1-2 minutes for heavy exercises, 30 seconds - 1 minute for light exercises. When you rest for too long, your muscles will cool down, while exercising as if starting from the beginning makes you very time-consuming but inefficient

Why do I gym regularly but my muscles are still not toned?

Lack of plan

When you start lifting weights in the beginning, your body is not used to sudden stress, so it changes quite quickly. This is why newcomers can gain so much muscle mass in a short amount of time. Newcomers can often see results even when there are no plans. When you first start lifting, almost any type of weight training can lead to muscle growth. However, over time, the increase slows down and the longer you exercise, the harder it is to get the desired muscle.

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