Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop And How To Stop Them

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In science, the phenomenon of dogs eating poop is called Coprophagia. This is one of the habits that originated from the far ancestors of dogs. It is gross, isn't it? But first, we need to learn to get used to this phenomenon, and start to find effective solutions.

The habit of eating poop in dogs is probably the most painful and "disgusting" problem that dog owners must face. However, don't be too worried, for this happens quite popularly. According to a study that was published in 2012 by Dr. Benjamin Hart, of the 3,000 dogs having participated in the survey, up to 24% had been caught eating poop. So, why do dogs eat poop? And what can you do to stop it? Let's solve these questions with Break through the following analysis!

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Why do dogs eat poop?

This is considered a bad behavior originating from a number of causes such as:

Because of their instinct:

Eating poop is one of the instinctive behaviors inherited from the ancestors of dogs. In a natural environment, to conceal their traces and avoid enemies, they will "destroy" their droppings in a clean and discreet manner. Also, dogs will eat human's and other animals' poop when they're hungry.

It sounds "disgusting" and bizarre, but feces are one of the "foods" that supplement their nutrition. For dogs, eating poop is a very normal and natural thing.

Today, this behavior has been significantly reduced, especially in urban areas, due to dogss increasingly civilized and clean lifestyles. However, because of the "ancestral" instinct, we can still see mother dogs eat their puppies' poop, dogs eat human feces... 

Because of their mentality:

Aparting from their instincts, dog eating poop problem can also arises from psychological factors.

In fact, the "bad smell" of stool is quite attractive to the sharp sense of smell of dogs. It stimulates them.

Also, when severely punished for pooping in the wrong place, dogs will develop fear and will eat their own stool to "hide" evidences. Gradually, the bad habit will be formed.

For dogs often locked up in cramped space, they will get bored and eat their own dung for fun.

And guess what? Dogs tend to eat poop to get attention from their owners, too. 

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Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop And How To Stop Them

Because of their nutritional deficiency:

Have you ever encountered your dog eating grass? If so, the causes of dog eating poop is similar. That's when the dogs feel their body has nutritional deficiency. Specifically:

When a dog's body lacks fiber, vitamins, minerals ... they will eat grass or other animal's manure to supplement nutrients.

When infected with helminths, a dog's body loses a large amount of nutrients and it's forced to find an additional source of food.

When you feed your dogs human foods, not theirspecialized foods, they will feel lack of nutrients.

Is it okay for dogs to eat poop?

The phenomenon of dogs eating poop will directly affect the health of dogs, because poops contain a lot of helminth eggs. There are also many potentially harmful bacteria that can cause rabies, care, respiratory diseases...

This behavior will also directly affect the relationship between the owner and the dog. It makes us feel "disgusted" and dogs with strong odors limit our close intimacy.

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Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop And How To Stop Them

How to stop dogs from eating poop?

In order to get rid of this "scary" behavior as well as protect your dog's health, you need to have timely interventions such as:

- Always ensure a nutritious diet for your dog

- Do not starve them, keep an eye on their habits and feed them with dog-specific foods to ensure sufficient fiber, nutrition, and minerals.

- Supplement them with digestive enzymes, beneficial bacteria and periodic vaccines.

- Eliminate the factors that affect their mentalities.

- Do not "confine" them in a narrow space, spend time to take your dog for a walk.

- Do not react too strongly when you see them eating poop.

- Teach your dog to poop in the right place.

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop And How To Stop Them

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