Why do armpits smell make people uncomfortable?

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Armpits smell is a common condition in both men and women. Although armpits smell does not affect health, it causes many trouble and can make people around you shun you. So why do armpits smell make people uncomfortable?

Many people believe that armpits smell can be contagious, so they often fear contact with people who have it. But according to doctors, armpits smell is not contagious and it is completely non-infectious even if you have direct contact with the body of the infected person. Especially prolonged armpit odor can also cause depression for patients.   Although not life-threatening, armpits smell not only makes people sick shame but also makes people around them uncomfortable. So why is the armpits smelly and overcome?

Why do armpits smell bad?

The cause of armpits smell is mainly due to the subcutaneous sweat glands and the effect of bacteria. Sweating glands when secreted externally, in a favorable environment will create conditions for bacteria to decompose and form an unsaturated fatty acid with an unpleasant odor. Therefore, the problem of "why is the armpit smelling" is due to the smell of this fatty acid.

Why do armpits smell make people uncomfortable?
why some people's armpits stink more than others

In addition, smelly armpits may also be due to the following reasons

Armpits smell is inherited

According to the research of experts on this type of disease, if both parents have armpit odor, children will have an increased risk of armpit disease by up to 80%. If only one of the parents has this disease, the children are at risk of developing the disease by 50%. Armpits smell is a form of disease that is difficult to treat because it forms from birth. Therefore, it is necessary to inhibit large sweat glands to improve this condition

Armpits smell due to poor body hygiene

Sweat increased too much and accompanied by poor personal hygiene, which easily leads to inflammation and bacteria on the skin surface that have favorable conditions to develop armpit odor.

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Armpits smell due to hot spicy eating habits

Spicy or greasy foods can stimulate the sweat glands to function vigorously. Thereby creating conditions for bacteria to decompose and produce offensive fatty acids.

Some people find that they can use deodorants to temporarily stop armpits smell. However, the abuse of improper deodorants (such as fragrant fragrances) is more likely to make the disease worse. So how to effectively treat armpit smell?

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The treatment of armpits smell

Currently, many people with armpits smell often seek to self-treat or follow the instructions of others. However, patients often do not achieve the desired results and many cases also make the disease worse. Therefore, the treatment of armpit sweat under the guidance of a doctor will bring more effects. For example

Treat the armpits smell with natural methods

You can use ginger, betel leaves or rub alum into the armpit area to alleviate the odor. However, this method is often unable to address the root cause of the odor, but only temporarily.

Treatment of armpits smell with medicine

The drug works to reduce sweating on the sympathetic nervous system, is effective fast, long-term but has side effects.

At the same time, you can also inject boton to improve the odor. However, this method is not very effective and can only be maintained for 6-8 months

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Treatment of armpits smell with endoscopic surgery

This is a relatively simple method, the doctor will consider appointing laparoscopic surgery to cut a large sweat gland under the armpit. Like other types of surgery, cutting sweat glands is also an invasive measure, so it is strongly recommended that patients should visit and consult directly at specialized medical facilities.

In addition, people with armpit need to clean their body daily, wash clothes regularly, so wear cool clothes, good sweat absorbing material, always keep the spirit of comfort and fun, avoid stimulating drinks, limit spicy and smelly foods.

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