Why are women after 30 years old susceptible to melasma?

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80% of women have skin pigmentation in their 30s, the statistics of dermatologists are a worrying warning for women. Although the actual skin pigmentation does not affect health but directly affects the aesthetics of women.

In the current issues of dermatology and aesthetics, melasma is always a problem.Most women after the age of 30 suffer from skin problems, such as melasma, freckles.

So melasma appears where, how to overcome the skin dark spots, let us follow the article below.

Why do women after age 30 appear melasma?

Melasma is a condition in which red spots appear on the surface of the face, usually on the cheeks and nose because the body increases melanin production. These red acne will gradually turn dark yellow or dark brown spots on the face. Although skin pigmentation does not affect health, it has a significant impact on the aesthetics and confidence of women.

Why are women after 30 years old susceptible to melasma?

Entering the age of 30, women's skin has significant changes, along with the impact of the environment such as pregnancy, work stress, unhealthy life and living habits, etc. The female body falls into an aging state, especially the skin. In which skin pigmentation is one of the top worries of women.

Causes of pigmentation formation

Many women still believe that melasma is due to hormonal changes, but according to dermatologists, in addition to hormonal factors, there are many causes of melasma, freckles as follows:

Genetic factors

According to scientific studies, 20% of people with melasma have genetic factors. If there are melasma in your family, the risk of you being burnt from a young age is quite high. For people with genetic freckles, the use of cosmetics or natural ingredients to treat freckles will not work, because melasma legs have been ingrained under the skin since childhood. However, with the growing aesthetic technology, genetic pigmentation can still be treated at the root.

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UVA, UVB, UVC rays in the sun's rays have the ability to impact and penetrate the skin extremely strong, stimulating cells to produce Melanin pigment. People who are constantly exposed to the sun are at a much higher risk of age spots and melasma than others.

Why are women after 30 years old susceptible to melasma?

Hormonal deficiency - estrogen

Women in the postpartum period, perimenopause or menopause often suffer from imbalance and hormone deficiency - estrogen. This makes women encounter many nuisance problems, including not to mention the skin pigmentation, dryness, freckles on the skin. In particular, facial skin is the most heavily affected and visible area.

Why are women after 30 years old susceptible to melasma?

Cosmetic abuse

Many women have a habit of using many different types of cosmetics without going through specific studies. These products will work immediately when used, but after a while the skin will become weaker, when exposed to direct sunlight, smog leads to pigmentation.

In addition, some drugs also have side effects that cause pigmentation, tanning such as birth control pills, antidepressants clopromazin and phenothiazine allergy medications, cyclin antibiotics, ...

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