Why am i such a loser in everything even though I always try to improve myself

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There are more than 7 billion people in the world, but only a few of them are really successful, because the rest have not given up on the failed thinking that they were losers.

"I got stuck, failed and didn't know what to do, how I had to continue and where to start again ..." - This sentence sounds familiar, isn't it?. Try closing your eyes and remember how many times you said these things to yourself in the past year? Honestly: Once, twice or a few dozen times?

Why am i such a loser in everything even though I always try to improve myself

And are you not sure what your life will be tomorrow?It is now that you are feeling "extreme", "no way out", "don't know what to do next", "want to explode" ... even want to give up.   I fully understand how you feel, because all of us experience these feelings at least a few times in our lives - frustration and loss. So you don't need to try to suppress all emotions. You have the right to give yourself a weak moment. Nobody forces you to be happy all the time, even when you witness your efforts to dump a river.

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But you should remember: If you keep sitting there crying and complaining from day to month, will the results change anything?.   The answer is definitely no and so you shoul remember: "You can cry, maybe weak but don't let yesterday's defeat decide who you are at the future"  

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The loser knows how to value success

People often say: "Failure is the mother of success", so you should accept the fact that the path you choose is not always a straight line.In fact, it is a winding road with many turns and everything will not always go according to your original plan.

So the first thing you need to do is stop complaining or waste time on blaming, blaming fate and learning how to accept that fact. Once you really understand and accept it, you will realize that "this life is not a pink prism" will no longer be too big a problem.  

However, accepting the apparent presence of failure does not mean accepting defeat. So the next thing I want to tell you is don't "waste" your failure! Learning to turn adversity into an opportunity and letting each difficulty in your life be a separate meaning.

So how many times should we try before giving up?

While a lot of books promote failure to succeed is a good thing.But the fact that we should learn to avoid failure and still achieve success is the best thing.

"We do not need to touch 220 volt electricity to know that electric shock is harmful!"

At the same time, it's easy if you give up on something but can you be sure that in a few months or years you will be comfortable like that? So never think about giving up if you still aspire to achieve it, if in your heart you still keep the words "dream", always try.

Certainly there is no reason for you to give up after just a few failed attempts and "before deciding to give up, remember why that day you started."  

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You may not be the smartest, most talented, but you can absolutely become the most persistent person. Remember that going fast or slow is not as important as how far you can go. Success is not always for the outstanding person but for the relentless effort.  

So, keep on striving and looking for new opportunities to perfect your skills. Certainly one day you will get enough of everything you deserve and do not always think that you are a loser because what you desire has not happened right now, does not mean it will never happen out.  

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