Why am I so sensitive to negativity and can't control my emotions?

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Perhaps in most of my difficult time, I always wondered: "Is sensitivity the source of all the frustrations in our people?"

Do you feel like you overreacted to everything compared to others? Do you often worry about other people's feelings? Do you like quieter and less disturbing environments? If the above sounds right to you, then you're probably a very sensitive person.

Suffering of sensitive people

According to clinical psychologist Elaine Aron, who has studied and written many books about "highly sensitive" people, these people have a more sensitive nervous system than usual and that makes them too focused on things. usually not noticed by anyone. And over time, this will deplete the nervous system. That will make you feel overly tolerant or hide your emotions and cry alone.

Why am I so sensitive to negativity and cant control my emotions?
Why Am I So Sensitive And Emotional?

Not only are tears, sensitive people also have some of the following characteristics:

Easily affected by the mood of others

You will be affected by the mood of others, both positive and negative. In particular, you will feel the situation gets worse when exposed to people with bad moods.

Obsessed with criticism

Ordinary people consider being criticized as part of life, but people who are too sensitive are criticism that becomes hard to fade. Even critical words can make them depressed and gradually lose faith in life.

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Subtle perception

Sensitive people often see things that other people miss and so when problems occur they will feel more negative.

Always confused and difficult to decide

Emotions dominate most decisions in sensitive people. This, along with profound awareness, sophistication and detail in all matters makes it difficult for them to come to a definitive decision. They may easily fall into discomfort if making wrong decisions or incorrect choices.

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Easily suffer from anxiety or depression

If you experience a lot of bad things, especially when you're young, making you feel unsafe at home or at school, your nervous system will always be in "worrying" mode. Over time you will become extreme and even no longer want to die.

So if less sensitive, can I really feel happy, in the midst of this many unfair and pragmatic lives? The answer is correct if you do not let sensitivity limit emotions and give yourself a unique "value".

Living as a sensitive person

Change your perspective on yourself

Most sensitive people often notice very small details, so they can become very delicate. Therefore, keep an eye out for everyday life, there are other things people really want you to realize even if they are acting like you don't need to know. If you meet that, 200% sure you will win their hearts.

That will certainly be a great advantage and it is one of the "distinct values" that I build from my own sensitivity.

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Appreciate sensitivity as a valuable asset

The obstacle that I believe most sensitive people encounter is that they suspect they have a "problem", which gradually becomes hate for themselves. The aversion to negative things, loss is always greater than joy so after all, we often remember them more.

Why am I so sensitive to negativity and cant control my emotions?
Why am I so emotionally sensitive?

Therefore, if necessary, make a list of unique, unique characteristics that come from your sensitivity, such as "recognizing other people's emotions" for example. The benefits associated with characteristics may be recognizable when someone needs a hug, a smile to refresh their mood ... You always have to remind yourself of the benefits, to appreciate it and It is also to appreciate yourself.

Let sensitivity be your greatest value.

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