Why am i so insecure in an emotional relationship?

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Insecurity is a feeling, a normal psychological state of people. There is nothing worth mentioning if it appears in one or a few individuals but if this problem becomes a general psychological state, where will society go?

In fact today, many people will be proud of themselves, but there are also people who are always in a state of anxiety and insecurity about the present and the future. Why are they like that and how to overcome it?

Feeling insecure as a popular social phenomenon

Clearly, there are many things that affect important thinking within each of us with both positive and negative attitudes. Therefore, in the perspective of psychoanalysis, insecurity is the ability of human sensing about risks that may happen to you

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It can be a crisis of belief, confusion of awareness, doubt about the legality of invisible or permanent and difficult to explain behavior or fear. Therefore, never the feeling of insecurity is annihilated, if people do not feel insecure then surely, he has degenerated both in mind and consciousness. However, unlike other types of feelings, even when shared, the feeling of insecurity does not increase or worsen because it is a signal of the occurrence of a certain risk, while the risk is real and out of human will. For that reason, the feeling of insecurity must become an important research object of sociology.

Why am i so insecure in an emotional relationship?
Why am I so insecure in my relationships?

However, when insecurity becomes a common psychological state of the community or society, it is indeed worrying because it speaks of the unhealthy community or society. In other words, if insecurity becomes a common social phenomenon, we will face a tremendous risk in the whole society - that is, the psychological crisis is comprehensive and dangerous.

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How to overcome feelings of insecurity?

The answer is that all insecurity is an opportunity for us to work well, to understand ourselves, or even to develop skills that help us face life.

So if you feel insecure about your own life, try the following tips

No comparison

it will never be useful to compare yourself to other people's views, what they are doing, where they are traveling, how happy they are ... On the other hand, it is these will harm you, because they have a completely different life, have a different future than you. If they can have great times in life, you also can absolutely get your own way.

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Forgive the past

You should understand that no one is perfect because we are all controlled by our own insecurities, we are struggling with our own bad people. Some people may have done something wrong, but I believe you understand why. Let the past pass, let the past be just a milestone in your life, because keeping your resentments will not make you feel better.

Building trust

Start building a belief in yourself that you are absolutely right. Learn to change your perspective, learn to face challenges and turn it into an opportunity.

Accept your own shortcomings

Stop self-assessing yourself. Pay attention to everything about yourself, both physically and mentally and what you don't like. Be proud of everything you have and find beauty in it by creating the beauty of you.

When you realize your own strength, potential and how to endure insecurity, you can completely start breaking the bond that holds you back. Let insecurity go into the past and change yourself to become the person you always wanted.

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