Why am I single? Is it because I'm too picky?

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Have you ever asked the question "why am i single?". Do you feel sad and a bit shy, when your peers have a lover or a husband and wife, but you still don't have a love affair? Take a look at the following common reasons, then listen to yourself, maybe you will find a solution.

Maybe you feel safe when you are single for a long time because you completely control your life. You do not have to be dependent on emotions, not afraid of breaking, no sad and no cry ... but it is certain that sometimes you will have to feel empty and lonely.

When all your friends have "the other half", you are always the third lost person in every gathering; When you have a lot of people around but no one cares about you and makes you care, how do you think about it?

Should you ask yourself: Why am i single? Am i too picky or i have faith problems?...Take a look at the common reasons that the article shares the following. Then listen to your deepest will, maybe you will find the path for yourself.

Single because the criteria for choosing a lover are too high

This case often appears in a very difficult person, they always wants everything in my eyes to be perfect. But the truth is over the time when we kept looking for a "perfect" person to match our expectations. Because once we are mature enough, we will realize that there is no one who is perfect in the first place, and if there are perfect people, they will not wait for you to find them.

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So you should remind yourself that you should learn to accept and live more realistic.Do not be too dreamy, because that will make you lose a lot of opportunities to meet your love in this life.

Single because of loving yourself

If you only love yourself, you will not have the time and patience to love someone else. So you should open your heart, learn to share and love someone else.

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Single because you're still remember to your ex

  Any broken love also left us with more or less hurt, torment and difficult scars.Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand when we always remember our ex. Therefore, this is also the reason that you are single for a long time, no one can accept a person who still has a question about his ex too much.So you have to put everything back where it should belong - the past - before opening your heart again.

Single because of fear of losing freedom

You are independent, self-reliant and always love your free life so you may want to have a lover, but you are also afraid of losing your freedom. It is these things that will make you hesitant and not really open to your life with someone else.

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Single because crush doesn't like you

This is probably the case most often because you can't force someone to like you if they don't want to and vice versa. You can't change the way others think about you, but you can change yourself. Stop torturing yourself with questions like: How does she pay attention to me? How does she accept ... Instead of wasting time on people who never keep an eye on you, switch to more suitable ones.

Finally, a lot of things you have to calm down to feel and choose the best for yourself. And in addition to the above reasons, is there another reason why you have not found your half, please share with us!

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