Which part of the female body does men feel most sexy?

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Not all men have the same preference for the most impressive thing about a woman. So let's take a look at the parts of a woman's body that any man cannot ignore at first sight. These are the beauties of a woman, making him more passionate.

Many women always find ways to seduce men, so how to solve the problem "men like the most part of the female body. This is certainly a problematic problem and first with the women.

  A recent actual survey has confirmed the exact "answer" of the men about this. The brothers admitted that they could not take their eyes off the charming parts of the sisters as follows:

Which part of the female body does men feel most sexy?

Which part of women's body do men like?


Women's thighs are also said to have equally attractive breasts. Instead of being as gimmicky as breasts and butt, legs create a quieter and more subtle charm. Besides, the average thigh size is also a sign that women are in good health.

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Waist and hips

When a man sees a woman, he often thinks unconsciously: Can she have a baby for her?. Therefore, men are always looking for women with big hips and slim waist. The woman must look healthy and fertile. Studies have found the ideal ratio for a woman's body: waist and hips is 7:10. Such rates ensure healthy births.

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Smile is a very attractive point for men. The bright smile makes a woman seem open and approachable.

Men also look at a woman's teeth. That doesn't mean you need to have bright white teeth, just no bad breath and yellow teeth.

Healthy teeth are also an indicator of good health and reproduction. Men are always looking for a healthy mother for their future children.

Charming plump breasts

This is what every sister could guess. That's right, your breasts really make the men stand. It has such a strong attraction that even men cannot explain it. Just know that, when you see the sexy round behind the shirt, sweater of women, you guys can not take your eyes off but always try to not create a "vulgar" feeling to you!

Which part of the female body does men feel most sexy?

Many women are confident that the bigger the breasts are. In fact, average chest size still attracts more guys. But more important is the shape of the bust, a large chest but less sure to make sure she will be deducted in the eyes of the gentleman.

The butt is firm and large

A standard appearance is when the butt is firm, this is always the point that men rely on to evaluate the beauty of girls. Many gentlemen think that women who possess a well-toned butt are attractive enough to other people, even if their breasts are less attractive. Because the butt will erase the look of the female breasts, modest breasts but attacking butt will help girls still be attractive.

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Or rather, when a guy walking behind could not help but pay attention to the beautiful round 3 of the woman's possession this is the first point as well as the stop for his eyes.


You may be wondering, why do men like their private parts? Although it has long been conceived of the idea that women's private parts are sexually attractive to men.

However, during sex, female genitalia is reserved for sexual activities rather than to attract the other person. Because by touching this sensitive area, the process of attraction has long ended.

Ironically, these high ranking factors in attracting men have almost no real sex role!

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