Which food combinations are extremely harmful to health?

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Surely you will be surprised to know that the combination of food between bananas and milk or pasta and tomatoes will affect the digestive system, causing bloating, indigestion, even producing toxins.

There are a number of products that when eaten together will have chemical reactions that make from healing to toxic or reducing the trace elements found in foods into foods that have no nutritional value to replenish muscles. more like: Vitamin A enhances the synthesis of proteins, vitamin C promotes iron absorption ...

On the other hand, in the process of food processing, the combination of some foods with incompatible ingredients will create substances that are unhealthy, causing poisoning, etc. However, this is not recommended because animal liver contains many levels such as copper, iron and some other metal elements, while bean sprouts contain lots of vitamin C, so when stir-fried two things This together the amount of vitamin C will be oxidized, losing all effectiveness. When the burden is beyond self-regulation, the body will be poisoned.

Which food combinations are extremely harmful to health?

Ways to combine foods harmful to health

Foods combined in the following way will adversely affect your health.

1. Cucumbers and tomatoes

Cucumbers and tomatoes have very different digestive times, eating them together can cause nausea, bloating, or even breathing difficulties. Cucumber contains an enzyme that destroys vitamin C in tomatoes. So the salad that you think is good for your health actually makes you sick.

But in fact, scientists have shown that as long as you eat on a balanced diet, if you lose the vitamin C source in tomatoes, you can still get vitamin C supplements from other sources. And, you can add a little vinegar to the salad to prevent "side effects" of the enzyme in cucumbers. Almost any salad is mixed with vinegar, so you don't need to worry about comments with this combo.

Which food combinations are extremely harmful to health?

2. Drink beer with nuts

Both beer and salty foods like nuts can cause dehydration, so consuming them together will drain your body of water. You may be so thirsty that you will end up drinking too much beer as you try to replenish water.

Bar owners often serve salty food with beer, because they know that it will make you drink more. Salt also tends to lessen the bitterness of the beer, making it easier to drink. Beer, on the other hand, improves our experience of salty food, which is why we tend to crave salty foods when we drink it. Beer with diuretic properties, actually makes the dehydration of your body become more serious.

Which food combinations are extremely harmful to health?

3. Meat and Pasta

It's still a different story of digestion time, but with the Protein in meat and the starch in Pasta - noodles with creamy sauce, you will have more difficulties. Carbohydrates - a basic ingredient in the food that the human body uses to create energy, are usually loaded into the body through fruits, vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, etc. right in the process of eating.

Most easily visualized, the starch will be digested as soon as saliva is absorbed. Protein is forced to wait for the stomach to work. So, it can be said that you need to say goodbye to your passion for European cuisine, even though the spaghetti-style combo served with meatballs is extremely attractive ...

The good news is that scientists recommend that you only have to say goodbye if you have problems with your stomach and digestive tract in general. If you already have a healthy digestive system, don't worry, because your body will balance itself with eating a variety of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Which food combinations are extremely harmful to health?

4. Fruit during and after a meal

A recent trend recommends that eating fruit during or after a meal is dangerous because the fruit is so easily digested that it will ferment in the stomach while waiting for other foods to be digested. So recently, many experts advice that you should eat fruit 30 minutes before meals, not dessert after meals.

However, in fact many scientific studies have shown that the sugars in the fruit digest quite quickly, the fruit also has fiber that works to slow down the absorption of that sugar into your bloodstream, preventing the increase. danger of blood sugar. So make sure that no fruit stays in your stomach long enough to ferment.

Which food combinations are extremely harmful to health?

5. Milk and fruit contain acid

There has been a lot of fierce debate about the topic of pineapple, lemon or orange seems dangerous when consumed with milk. When milk is mixed or taken with sour juice, which contains acids such as oranges, lemons, tangerines, etc., it will make the cazeine sticky and deposited by reaction with pectic acid in orange or tangerine juice. The precipitate mixture of milk and orange juice will be very indigestible, making warm stomach very uncomfortable, causing digestive disorders.

The trick for you is that the fruit contains acid, if added to cold milk, the reaction and clumping process is so slow that it does not affect anything, such as when we enjoy the orange cake, ice cream cake lemon and pineapple yogurt smoothie.

6. Sausages and chips

Hot dogs - processed meats full of preservatives, very dangerous are some of them can cause cancer. Fried potatoes at high temperatures will also produce carcinogens. Lastly, all cooking oils can clog the arteries in fat metabolism. The large amount of salt on potato chips also causes a variety of physical problems.

The truth you need to be aware of is that fast food stores often combine unhealthy foods together, serving fries with everything, especially favorites are chips and sausages. This unhealthy diet puts you at risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. You may also have stomach pain, diarrhea or constipation, higher blood pressure and mood that becomes irritable or depressed.

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