When Your Palms Get Sweaty Because You’re About To Pull Off Daredevil Stunts

Uncategory Apr 26, 2018 09:00

Just another reason to avoid water parks.

The scariest water slide

Who needs a spinner when you've got blades?

Fidget spinners for ninjas

All aboard!

Aaaaaaaaa wtf

Doing this and hitting the dock is my nightmare.

"Does he have the distance he needs?"

Who needs to stop the bus when you've got a parachute?

Missed his Bus stop

So much could go wrong.

Tarzan of Tahoe

Color me impressed.

Never seen the full video until today.

Never look down.

Going by train is always a bit travelling ...

Casual morning commute in LA.

The morning commute in L.A. earlier today

Nothing is safe.

Holy Shit!

Fuck yo stairs.

Stupid. Impressive but stupid.

Yay, more visualized nightmares!


No. Just...no.

Bunghole clenches

Someone solve this magic for me.


No no no no no.

Leap of faith

If your police department can't afford a ladder, you may have a problem.

Vietnamese Tactical Training


Sweaty palms

They're orcas, but they can still fuck your day up.

Killer's in the water

I genuinely had trouble watching this.

High altitude planking

Safety harness anyone?

When the tree falls just right

Totally safe.

Going down the stairs

Actual frogger.

PaDaWaN iN tRaInInG uSeS tHe FoRcE tO cLeAr HiS pAtH!

Ok now you're just showing off.

More than 1 way to reach the top

Fun, as long as you're guaranteed not to die.

HMRB While I Fly This Race

You couldn't pay me to go up there.

The worst light bulb in the world to change

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