When Your Jaw Drops Because You Can’t Believe WTF Is Happening In Front Of You

Uncategory May 08, 2018 09:00

Cotton candy-eating race.

Wow magic!

Good boi doesn't like the spooky.

Who The Hell Are you?

Andddd now it's gone!

That dudes reaction is priceless

Jealous much?

When you see your girl calling someone else a good boy.


When she tells you not to look but you still take a peek

Carl's seen better days.

WTF happened to Carl!?

"Sir, my penis can only get SO erect over cooked meats."

Maradona <3 Salt Bae

Some people have no boundaries.

The woman behind doesn't even care

Mom knows how to drink.

Tequila? Never heard of it.


Tall people problems

He'll remember that day the rest of his life.

Watching a boy become a man.

And on that day, a stoner was born.

What is happening?

Poor dog doesn't know whether to ask for a head rub or to attack.

“What’s on your face?”

"What? You said you weren't hungry."

You have to decide your priorities dude

Sharing is caring.

"Holy shit, Frank. You seeing this?"

Bird, you know you can fly, right?

"Whoa, did you see that? He jumped into another dimension!"

Gotta respect that seal's hustle.

Amazing Catch!

"Da fuq?"

You're Going to Need a Bigger Boat

Close enough.

You seeing this shit?

Cat has the patience of a saint.

"Are we done yet?"

Poor bird and his unrequited love.

Bird In Love

Me too, dude.

MRW when I hit FP

Me too, dude. Me too.

Is it possible to take cosplay way too far?

That pussy must be flame-retardant.

fire resistant shaft

Who needs a ref anyway?

When you forget your job cos the bitch fight was too good

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