When Your Goodest Boi Happens To Also Be The Derpiest Dog On The Block

Uncategory Sep 21, 2018 09:00

Someone's getting the hose.

No one ever said he was smart.

The D in "deer" stands for "dumb."

No sticks in the house!

Confused branch manager


Literally durr.

Did I do something?

Working at home is hard with cats.

Seesaw or hammock?

Caught mid-scratch makes it look like he's posing.

Apologize pupper!

Pupper feels guilty for hitting her human.

Being a 'cat' isn't that bad after all.

Some people just like being included.

Don't judge people by their looks

It's all about perspective.


The most delicious water in the world.

Be happy being you, even if you is weird.


Wait they are watching me?

Scratch dat butt.

Who doesn't wanna be carried all day?

This is Moose. He’s still learning how to dog

Master navigators they are not.

Find your inner sensei...

Fuck yo slippers.

Bang bang!

Oh no, I have been shot. I am rolling over now.

Say cheese!

Liquid cat.

Goddammit pupper!

Oh look, water!

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