When Your Famous Last Words Are 'Eh, What Could Go Wrong?'

Uncategory Oct 15, 2018 11:00

When you send one guy to grab beers for all 25 of you.

Hold my beer

Just another reason to never drive and just walk everywhere.

If you can't text and drive, then don't drive.

We all saw that one coming.


Do not offer cops cigarettes.

You achieved nothing.

Gotta look cool

The truck is too big to slow down and you're too dumb to move over.

When you're stubborn and have a poor grasp of physics

Riiiight into the cop.

doing donuts in public streets WCGW

First-time parents gotta learn somehow.

Good Going, Dad.

RIP his ankles.

From a high to a low

Gymnast she is not.

If I hang on this playground pole upside down.

Dude got fuckin' trucked.

When life hits you like a 300 pound football player.

I had such high expectations for this idiot, alas...

Dropping in off a dresser.

The highlight of the blooper reel.

Keep filming the bride & groom...

Road rage isn't worth it. Ever.

[Road Rage] Some people can't let it go

Dude couldn't wait two minutes?

truckin hell!

There's a reason parkour died in 2011.

Playground parkour

The fish weren't the biggest losers that day.

Fishing with a grenade

Don't flaunt it unless you've got it.

showing off is never a good idea

Vegas will do that to you.

He got so excited and flopped hard

How often do you actually see road ragers get pulled over?

Swift road rage justice

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