When Your Eyebrows Are So Bad You May As Well Be A Clown At A Kid's Party

Uncategory Oct 17, 2018 11:00

Gordon tells is like it is.

Gordon Ramsay saying what we're all thinking

Child services, anyone?

10 miles later...

Yes, this is a real person.

The highlight really helps.

Dunno about the tablet but someone steal those eybrows away and replace them with something better.

Fading away...

You can't tell me this isn't Millhouse.

Photoshop won't save you now!

Like two globs of smeared paint.

You don't want this saved in photos.

She went to prom like this :(

Yep, those are play buttons.

She's not raising an eyebrow, that's how she painted them on.

Spock's grandma.


She put so much effort into THIS.

M'am, put the sharpie down...

Remember the Miis from the Wii home screen?

She's about to eat him.

A visionary.

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