When Your Expectations Don't Live Up To Reality Even The Smallest Bit

Uncategory May 17, 2018 09:00

Shitty, but clever.

Snow in NYC.

You technically got what you paid for.

Dinosaur pillow

Who doesn't want less for the same price?

Giant roll of stickers is really just a strip of 20.

When you pay extra for the movie theater size candy but it's just a regular bag stuffed in a box.

Not quite.



Not that bad until you get to the bottom.

Be honest -- no one expects quality here.

Cheap fucks.

Cat expectations vs. Cat reality

Fooled ya!

She's a plus-sized model now!

Who doesn't love snacking on shit?

Nothing from Dunkin is ever going to look like the ad.

Close enough!

"Almost" done.

When you ask Dairy Queen to put your bird on your cake.

Pizza Hut is the fucking worst.

You could do better with a magic marker and a yellow shirt yourself.

We already expect the bare minimum, but come on IHOP...

Waffle House freehanding their handicap spot.

Because who doesn't love a bowl of only honeydew?

Nice one, China.

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