When Your Day Has Gone To Crap And You Just Want Some Happy Doggos To Make It Better

Uncategory Sep 06, 2018 11:00

So well behaved!

When you listen to music while doing something boring to make the time go by faster


Licks vs. noms

So cute!

Fixing a sink anddd...

When she only has eyes for you!

Can't argue with that proof.

Lost dog immediately recognizes his owner in court room


good boy doesn't let a fight break out

Lil' chubbo is losing weight!

First day on the job!


When your dog is smart enough to get himself to the park all alone.

Looking pretty guilty...

I haven't found what they broke yet

Power nappin'!

"I wasn't sleeping."

A hard day at work!


When mom runs out of ink in her printer.

So gentle.

She's in love with the new tiny human

New friends!

Hipster pup.

Small goals.

He's allll about it.

When You Love Your Job Too Much

Perkin' up!

Senior dog meets a puppy and starts to feel like a kid again.

The best of friends<3

Adopting a Kitten

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