When Your Adrenaline Spikes Because You're About To Pull Off Some Daredevil Stunts

Uncategory Sep 19, 2018 06:00

Don't look down!

Running with friends

Another great day at the park.

The coordination is insane.

The ball of death

Look ma, no hands!

Easy Rider

I wouldn't move either.

Care for a dip?

Tarbela dam, Pakistan

If it's brown lay down, if it's black fight back, and if it's white say goodnight because polar bears are the only bears who hunt humans.

His assignment was to film polar bears for the BBC.

Excuse me while I don't hang around to see what happens.

Mkay, time to start running now

Real-life Spiderman.

Man, these new spiderman graphics are pretty good

Absolutely not.

Guess I'm not gonna make it home!

Some people shouldn't have a license.

This idiot almost caused 3 accidents in 10 seconds.


Serious precision.

I'd rather not.

Walking on the edge of a rooftop

It's a long, long drop.

Handled like a pro.

Very few of these still exist in the world.

The Paternoster Lift

I'll take the elevator.

Old bridge through the Yuzhniy Bug River Ukraine.

Construction workers in the 30s did not give a shit.


Flying down a mountain.

All it takes is one blade to be off by less than a second...

Prepare for take off....

Space walks are not for the faint of heart.

Let's stay on the ground today, thanks.

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