When You've Spent All Day Behaving And Now It's Time To Pull Some Dumb Stunts

Uncategory Jun 27, 2018 09:00

He had ONE JOB...

HMB while I deliver some Beer

Better off without your help.

To help someone

That went well.

HMB while we waste even more beer.

Such talent.

Dumb ideas, dumb results.

HMB while I let my friend shoot me in the nipple with a sling shot

No one expected it to end well.

Don't drink and drive

Battle of the dunces.

Mom is so proud.

"What did you learn in college this semester, Son?"

As long as he doesn't hit the dock!

It's a redneck summer

In a suit, no less!

Watch me climb these rocks

And yet no one cared.

Pulling off a cool trick but no one sees it

At least he caught it.

WCGW if I stand on a roof and catch a beer my buddy throws me from another roof

When you stick the landing...eventually.

Superhero landing

When EVERYTHING goes wrong.

Hold my bee....eeeeks!

What else did he expect?

tfw when the PCP kicks IN

Barbie cars aren't for bitches.

HMB while I race Barbie jeeps down this hill

He's lucky to be alive.

rise and fall

Professional abilities.

HMB while I pop a mad skateboard trick

Sweaty palms.

Shoot the gap


Tilt-A-Whirl cement mixer

Stupid games win stupid prizes.

Videoing my friend doing doughnuts, WCGW?

That's not a shortcut.

Looks like fun, until...

Australian Waterslide

That didn't work.

Higher Higher Hig...


Standing on an egg

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