When You've Lost All Hope In The Direction Humanity Is Going So You Decide To Just Point And Laugh

Uncategory Jun 04, 2018 09:00


I bet they're not silent either.

Same dude, 9 different mug shots.

Can't cover it up with all that black!

The fanciest attire for the fanciest venues.

Dick pants.

Cash me never, how bow dah.

Teeth are the same color as the bra.

True love.

Some people just suck.

Goodwill with the used bargains!

Nothing in a Redbox is worth going out in a bed sheet.

Stepping on merchandise you haven't bought -- nice.

Dude let his sack hang out of his shorts at the Indy 500.

The only "demon" on that plane is you.

Supposedly this dude is married and lives in a nice house with a manicured lawn.

Spotted in Toronto.

What a steal!

Anyone need a job?

Let's hope it's his deceased grandpa who just happens to look an awful lot like Hitler.

Raising 'em right.

But did you really need to share?

Walmart produce: Now with a hint of athlete's foot!

Believe it or not, makeup cannot fix everything.

Don't buy that.

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