When You've Got The Worst Taste In The World But Everything You Touch Turns To Gold

Uncategory Jul 13, 2018 09:00

This is a dog, by the way.

I'm confused as f*#k...

Wonderful shading, but why on earth?

For when you wanna look down at your beltline and get confused.

Heels in yo heels!

A jacket made from old adidas socks.

Even Thanos didn't have a Gucci gauntlet.

Dude calls himself the "Prince of Heaven" and apparently wears this every day, everywhere.

Gotta love that MSG.

Who needs He-MAN when you have eazy-HE?

In case you gotta run backwards.

Yep, it's a lego fleshlight.

1 year RIP.

Whatever he asked for, he certainly got it.

I'm itchy just looking at it.

You can buy a pepper coffin in Africa.

But why's it gotta be on your car?

From one of the banned Simpsons episodes.

Toph holdin' up boulders.


Ross himself would've been proud.

An unnecessary conversation starter.

The carpet king.

She's gonna regret that when she's 50.

Knitted dissection.


Too much Texas in one little rim.

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